Women Of The Channel 2016: Power 30 Solution Providers

Power 30 Solution Providers

CRN's Women of the Channel list is an annual honoring of the accomplishments of female executives within the channel. For the third straight year, the project is highlighting an elite subset of female executives at solution provider organizations whose insight and influence in their respective companies help drive channel success.

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Liz Stuart

Advanced Systems Group

Vice President, Operations

Years in Position: 1

Years in Channel: 22

Stuart transformed the processes and workflows for the company's monthly recurring services, allowing for quicker time to market with contracts and billings. She also organized the Vendor Alliances group for quarterly review.

Jennifer Brown

Brown Pear Solutions


Years in Position: 6

Years in Channel: 6

As the company helps clients through their IT and organizational transformations, it's critical that it partners with those that offer the best solutions, especially around cloud and security. Brown identifies and builds those relationships.

Kelly Ireland

CB Technologies, Inc.


Years in Position: 15

Years in Channel: 30

Ireland began transitioning CB Technologies from VAR to systems integrator two years ago. She has established an engineering team that is now building integrated solutions solving real-world issues. In 2015 it delivered its first SDS solution, which provides scale-out HPC storage.

Laurie Dasher

Dasher Technologies

President & CEO

Years in Position: 16

Years in Channel: 22

Dasher drove and increased the multivendor solutions that incorporate best-of-breed technologies for the many organizations the company serves. She also has invested heavily in technical competencies around security as it is at the forefront of most conversations with customers.

Sonia St. Charles

Davenport Group

Chief Executive Officer

Years in Position: 15

Years in Channel: 15

As an active member of Dell's Premier Partner Advisory Council, St. Charles regularly has the opportunity to engage with Dell executives and discuss channel initiatives, positioning her company to not only be a strong Dell partner but also to better serve its customers.

Christine Wolff

Dimension Data

Group Senior Vice President

Years in Position: 6

Years in Channel: 16

Wolff concentrated on growing and developing the company's relationship with Cisco, executing on a new "Better Together" strategy that enabled Cisco and Dimension Data to multiply multibillion-dollar revenue more than 20 percent in a market that saw single-digit growth.

Kristin Oelke

DLT Solutions

Vice President of Marketing

Years in Position: 1

Years in Channel: 19

Since coming on board, Oelke has brought a more rigorous marketing planning process, which has tightened communication between marketing and sales, both within DLT and its vendor partners. Under her guidance, DLT also launched an aggressive portfolio expansion plan.

Linda Ford


VP, Marketing

Years in Position: 14

Years in Channel: 19

Ford's focus is to help create joint messaging, leads and wins for DynTek and its partners. Over the past year, she has executed more than 100 events, campaigns and programs with field teams in conjunction with the company's top and emerging partners.

Julie Haley

Edge Solutions


Years in Position: 8

Years in Channel: 8

With the advent of the cloud, the writing was on the wall: Edge was going to have to adapt to the new style of IT. Haley steered strategic investments so that Edge evolved away from being a traditional infrastructure provider to a true solution provider.

Teresa Kloser


Director of Marketing

Years in Position: 3

Years in Channel: 3

Over the past 12 months, Kloser helped build GTRI marketing campaigns that have contributed more than $2.5 million in revenue and more than 780 new logos for the GTRI sales team and channel partners. Sales leads were generated across all marketing channels.

Elizabeth Huber

Huber & Associates


Years in Position: 30

Years in Channel: 30

Much of Huber & Associates' business is based on word-of-mouth referrals, so the more it gets involved in the community the more it grows. Huber has gotten personally involved in several United Way events, which are a great way to give back and to get the company's name out there.

Elise Hernandez

Ideal System Solutions


Years in Position: 19

Years in Channel: 22

Hernandez added new members to Ideal's internal and external staff, along with additional channel partners, to meet the increased requests from a new major contract, which is projected to enable Ideal to double revenue in fiscal 2016.

Allison West Hughes

Logicalis US

Regional Vice President, Sales-West

Years in Position: 1

Years in Channel: 21

One of the highlights for West Hughes was simplifying the partner landscape in the West, focusing more on a select few partners and, as a result, developing deeper relationships that create a balanced portfolio of established partners and challengers.

Sarah Morreau

Long View Systems

Director, Licensing and Software Asset Management

Years in Position: 5

Years in Channel: 17

Morreau continues to develop new standards and set best practices for software asset management around cloud technologies, aligning licensing contracts to best suit the needs of clients.

Christine Zagielski


SVP, Sales & Marketing

Years in Position: 3

Years in Channel: 17

Zagielski oversaw the sales organization's transition to the Challenger Model, tying in quarterly sales activities and compensation. The end result will benefit the individual reps, the company as a whole and its customers.

Brenda Stallings

Matrix Integration

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Years in Position: 36

Years in Channel: 36

The license renewal desk at Matrix continues to grow. With the support of Ingram Micro, Matrix has been able to offload some of the renewal maintenance to a new program it has implemented, saving employees time to focus on more complex renewals.

Heather Schaan


Vice President & General Manager

Years in Position: 2

Years in Channel: 13

Microserve has its second most successful year in its 29-year history with more than $90 million in sales. Schann redefined the company's talent strategy and increased its digital marketing presence—a joint effort with manufacturer and distributor partners.

Patty Krieger

Netrix IT


Years in Position: 14

Years in Channel: 30

As a solution provider of managed services, Krieger has driven Netrix IT to focus on value and security. Value is delivering more than clients expect. In security, the MSP does more than just talk about security, it leads by example and achieved a SOC 2, Type 1 report.

Janice Newlo n


Chief Operations Officer

Years in Position: 4

Years in Channel: 16

Newlong has created and streamlined the process for submitting request-for-proposal responses. The company's success rate for 2015 was more than 40 percent.

Jane Linder


Principal and EVP Applications and Data Services

Years in Position: 1

Years in Channel: 8

Linder is focused on providing customers with cloud-based analytics and enterprise mobility solutions and driving these strong practices in a way that will support and complement NWN's leadership in hosted collaboration.

Patricia Gallup

PC Connection

Founder, Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer

Years in Position: 34

Years in Channel: 34

Relationships—whether with valued customers or industry-leading vendor partners—are the key to PC Connection's success. Gallup is committed to safeguarding the collaborative nature of its unique culture.

Felise Katz

PKA Technologies


Years in Position: 10

Years in Channel: 16

Katz set realistic goals and focused on achieving them, which helped PKA sustain a very aggressive growth posture. She has also emphasized culture in the organization, including career-nurturing personal achievement and promoting group success and performance.

Vanessa Gonzalez


Marketing Manager

Years in Position: 2

Years in Channel: 2

Gonzalez recently launched a first-time channel program for her area at Presidio, which helps to drive incremental revenue through developing strategic relationships with tier-two and tier-three vendors.

Kirsten Craft


Head of Business Development & Marketing

Years in Position: 3

Years in Channel: 16

In early 2015 Prolifics completed its largest acquisition, buying a larger information and management and analytics business partner. Craft has been involved in the integration and promoting the new capablities in the marketplace.

Carol Kinney

Technology Integration Group

Vice President of Sales

Years in Position: 1

Years in Channel: 30

Kinney immediately leveraged her understanding of the channel and prior relationships to drive TIG's focus on a solution, which is something that changes customer outcomes based on something you do well as a company.

Kim Girards

The Ergonomic Group

President/Chief Executive Officer

Years in Position: 32

Years in Channel: 32

Girards engaged with the company's distribution partners to align with the goal of providing a best-in-class vendor solution for clients. She also implemented new cloud offerings and optimized disaster recovery design teams.

Ilene Rosoff

The Launch Pad

President & CEO

Years in Position: 27

Years in Channel: 27

Rosoff spearheaded the company's continuing expansion of its RevITup Silver Cloud Series, a turnkey cloud-based solution. As cloud applications continue to evolve, it is critical that Rosoff vet and partner with a carefully curated group of top-tier channel partners.

Kristin Struttmann


VP, Strategic Partnerships

Years in Position: 2

Years in Channel: 20

Struttman delivered on a new partner model, transitioning what was a siloed approach to vendor management to a centrally managed model under a single partner team. She manages the five higher-growth partners of Trace3's top 10.

Samantha Osowski


Vice President, Marketing

Years in Position: 4

Years in Channel: 4

When Osowski joined Yorktel in 2012, it was known as the industry's "best-kept secret." She has since developed a wide-reaching plan that now includes speaking opportunities, trade shows, and a social media presence.

Michelle Moreno


Operations Manager

Years in Position: 6

Years in Channel: 6

As Zumasys' business model has shifted to predominantly services-based, Moreno implemented the business processes to ensure the company is capturing the new revenue streams coming from SaaS offerings and hosting services.