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The 35 Most Highly Compensated Channel CEOs In 2015

Michael Novinson and Jimmy Sheridan

1. Pierre Nanterme, Accenture: $15.78M

Stock Award : $11.70M

Bonus : $2.99M

Salary : $1.01M

Other Compensation : $79,000

The fiscal year for Accenture, No. 2 on the CRN SP 500, ended Aug. 31. The company reported a 3 percent increase in revenue to $31 billion, thanks to digital services investments, as well as a 3 percent jump in net income, from $3.18 billion last year to $3.27 billion this year.

The company set its sights on boosting its already strong acquisition game in 2016, pledging to spend up to $1 billion extending its already lively M&A activities.

Nanterme was awarded a $3 million bonus for the Dublin-based company's success, which, according to Accenture's SEC filings, was above expectations.

Other compensation for Nanterme includes $43,000 for a car and driver, $20,000 for tax preparation and audit-related fees, life insurance premium payments of $11,000 and $7,000 for profit sharing mandated under French law.