Channel Chiefs 2017: Who Is Your Ultimate Mentor?

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2017 Channel Chiefs

A Guiding Light

In a professional capacity, forging a connection with a seasoned colleague to lean on for advice can help us forge through the daily ups and downs and ultimately provide a less-bumpy path to success.

The wisdom gained from someone who has 'been there before' can prove to be a truly invaluable experience.

In the same vein, we all have heroes in our life that we've never met before, but who still provide us with a true sense of inspiration.

So what if we were able to merge the two and receive the mentorship of a larger-than-life figure we've spent a lifetime admiring?

We asked members of the 2017 Channel Chiefs to tell if they could have any person, living or dead, as a mentor, who would it be and why?

Here are some of our favorite choices.

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