HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin On Gaining Share From Apple, The $60B Device-As-A-Service Opportunity, And The Office Of The Future

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Beating Apple In The Premium Market

HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin, who led the unit to 12 percent growth in the most recent quarter, says the big share gains versus Apple in the premium segment are a sure sign that HP has closed the gap in customer experience. 

"On our premium products we have closed the gap with Apple, which has taken a lot of hard work from our engineering and product management design teams to create an equal experience while not owning our whole ecosystem," Coughlin said.

Key to HP's success is listening to customers, said Coughlin. "It is all about understanding our customers’ needs," he said. "If 40 percent of customers prefer a convertible, then we are going to give them a convertible. We are not going stay dogmatically with a laptop. If customers want touch, we are going to give them a full screen of touch – not a strip of touch. We listen to our customers and we create amazing experiences based on what our customers’ needs are and desires are."

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