5 Companies That Came To Win This Week -- Plus A CES Bonus

The Week Ending Jan. 12

Topping this week's roundup of companies that came to win is solution provider SS&C for its plan to acquire DST Systems in a $5.4 billion deal.

Also making the list this week are solution provider 10th Magnitude for its acquisition of Northwest Cadence, cloud data management and protection startup Rubrik for its savvy hire of former Google Cloud channel executive Bertrand Yansouni as its new channel chief, Intel for debuting its new eight-gen Core processor, AT&T and Citrix for streamlining their channel programs and improving partner compensation practices, and IBM for showing off its new Quantum computer at CES.

Not everyone in the IT industry was making smart moves this week, of course. For a rundown of companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions, check out this week's 5 Companies That Had A Rough Week roundup.

SS&C To Purchase Financial, Health-Care Solution Provider DST Systems For $5.4 Billion

SS&C Technology, a leading solution provider to financial services companies, struck a deal this week to buy Kansas City-based DST Systems in a deal worth $5.4 billion.

SS&C, based in Windsor, Conn., and No. 33 on the 2017 CRN Solution Provider 500, specializes in investment management applications and services. Acquiring DST will boost SS&C's financial software prowess and gives it an entry into the market for health-care software through DST's trio of health-care-focused applications.

The combination of the two companies will create a $3.9 billion channel powerhouse with more than 13,000 clients. The companies expect to complete the acquisition in the third quarter of 2018.

10th Magnitude Acquires Northwest Cadence For Azure-Related DevOps, Analytics And App Modernization Expertise

10th Magnitude, a leading solution provider in Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure, expanded its DevOps capabilities and its geographic reach this week with its acquisition of Northwest Cadence.

Northwest Cadence, based in Bellevue, Wash., has developed expertise in DevOps and data analysis – essential to businesses' digital transformation initiatives and efforts to make the jump to cloud computing.

Chicago-based 10th Magnitude was Microsoft's 2017 hybrid cloud and infrastructure partner of the year. The acquisition of Northwest Cadence, in addition to extending 10th Magnitude's geographical reach, gives the solution provider a huge step up in bringing Azure to its business clients.

Cloud Storage Vendor Rubrik Hires Former Google Cloud Exec As New Channel Chief

Rubrik, a rising company in the cloud data management and protection technology arena, made a savvy hire this week by naming former Google Cloud channel executive Bertrand Yansouni as its new vice president of worldwide channels.

The hire is something of a coup for startup Rubrik, which is gearing up a new technology channel enablement program this year to bring the company's internal technical capabilities to partners. Rubrik is also launching an effort to identify partners in each sub-region who bring the best skills and capabilities to Rubrik.

Yansouni told CRN his priority is to wade into the nuts and bolts of Rubrik's channel program and consider how best to evolve them to reward partners and how to best use tools such as the partner portal and deal registration.

Intel Debuts Eighth-Gen Core Enthusiast Processor

While Intel has had a tough couple of weeks dealing with the Spectre/Meltdown situation, the chipmaker wins kudos this week for launching its newest powerhouse Core processor.

The eighth-generation Core processor, designed for high-performance "enthusiast" consumer systems, pairs Intel's mobile-targeted Core H-series processor, second-generation high-bandwidth memory and an AMD Radeon RX Vega M discrete graphics chip.

The new processor provides OEMs with more opportunities to be creative and build innovative and light system designs with improved thermal dissipation, Intel said.

Citrix, AT&T Streamline Channel Programs And Improve Partner Rewards

Telecommunications giant AT&T and application delivery software developer Citrix both win applause this week for taking steps for streamline their channel programs, making them more accessible to partners and improving the rewards and incentives paid to partners.

AT&T restructured its channel organization to make it easier for partners to work with the vendor, bringing its three solution provider models (AT&T Partner Exchange, ACC Business and AT&T Alliance Channel) under one roof for the first time. The company also changed its partner compensation model so that partners can be paid in a monthly recurring revenue fashion.

Citrix consolidated several reseller programs into the new Citrix Ultimate Rewards program, streamlining deal registration, simplifying the compensation structure for partners and providing more incentives to prioritize cloud sales.

IBM Shows Off The World's Largest Quantum Computer At CES

This year's Consumer Electronics Show, as always, offered up demonstrations of some of the IT industry's most impressive leading-edge technology. But one of the most mind-boggling showcased technologies was IBM's prototype of a working 50-qubit quantum computer.

The prototype was the largest quantum computer in the world thanks to its use of a 50-qubit processor. A qubit (or quantum bit) is the building block of a quantum computer – the equivalent to a bit in a traditional computer.

The promise of the quantum computer is the ability to solve problems that typical computers can't handle by bringing unheard-of power and speed to computing through leveraging the principles of quantum physics.

Alas, the system at CES couldn't actually be demonstrated in operation because the machine must be kept cool to a temperature colder than that found in deep space, as well as free from electrical and mechanical noise – all hard to do in the midst of the CES show floor.