2018 Fast Growth 150: The Top 25

Outpacing The Pack

In the world of information technology, if you're not growing, you're being left behind. And the solution providers on CRN's Fast Growth 150 list are leaving the competition in the dust.

CRN's 2018 Fast Growth 150 ranks solution providers with gross annual sales of at least $1 million by their two-year growth rate.

Overall, this year’s Fast Growth 150 recorded an average two-year growth rate of 83 percent compared with the 102 percent average two-year growth rate for the 2017 Fast Growth 150. And the 150 companies on this year’s list collectively generated revenue of $50.59 billion compared with $16.69 billion last year.

Here's a closer look at the top 25 Fast Growth companies.

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25. Valorem

Location: Kansas City, Mo.

Website: www.valorem.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 121.2 percent

Top Executive: Domnick Parretta, CEO

Valorem is a digital transformation firm and top Microsoft Service Partner specializing in Windows Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, workflow automation and cloud computing. The company, ranked No. 357 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, recently launched its own holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam.

24. CXtec

Location: Syracuse, N.Y.

Website: www.cxtec.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 126.7 percent

Top Executive: Peter Belyea, President, CEO

Even after 40 years, CXtec is continuing to help customers redefine how they build, maintain, support and enhance their infrastructure environment. The company, ranked No. 112 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, offers several branded solutions including its RapidCare third-party maintenance program, which gives clients customized support.

23. TierPoint

Location: St. Louis

Website: www.tierpoint.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 128.57 percent

Top Executive: Jerry Kent, Chairman, CEO

With 40 data centers in 20 U.S. markets, TierPoint's carrier-neutral facilities provide a plethora of managed services from co-location and disaster recovery, to security and edge computing. Ranked No. 65 on the 2018 Solution Provider 500 list, TierPoint specializes in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, hosting, and HIPAA and PCI compliance.

22. n2Grate

Location: Greenbelt, Md.

Website: www.n2grate.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 134.35 percent

Top Executive: Steve Halligan, CEO

National IT consultant firm n2Grate provides infrastructure and cloud solutions targeting the government and commercial sectors. Founded in 2010, the company surpassed $100 million in revenue last year and continues to be one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Washington area.

21. GuidePoint Security

Location: Herndon, Va.

Website: www.guidepointsecurity.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 136.57 percent

Top Executive: Michael Volk, Managing Partner

Cybersecurity channel powerhouse GuidePoint Security offers innovative security solutions and consulting expertise to help customers recognize threats and mitigate risks. The company's Virtual Security Operations Center helped boost GuidePoint from No. 134 in the 2017 CRN Solution Provider 500 to No. 94 this year.

20. Pulsar360

Location: Littleton, Colo.

Website: www.pulsar360.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 138.56 percebt

Top Executive: Michael Dozier, President,CEO

One of the leading telecommunications providers in North America, Pulsar360 is a premier VoIP, wireless, SIP, disaster recovery and PBX service provider. The company also offers a comprehensive set off Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solutions led by industry stalwart and CEO Michael Dozier.

19. Quality Uptime Services

Location: Bethel, Conn.

Website: www.qualityuptime.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 140.25 percent

Top Executive: John Raio, President

One of the nation's leading independent power service organizations, Quality Uptime Services provides 24/7/365 UPS maintenance and emergency services. The 42-year-old company owns a whopping 97 percent customer retention rate and is ranked. No. 412 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500.

18. RoundTower Technologies

Location: Cincinnati

Website: www.roundtower.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 141.43 percent

Top Executives: Stephen Power, Stephen West, Managing Partners

RoundTower Technologies received the Americas VMware Partner Innovation Award for the solution provider category this year by combining VMware capabilities with top-notch consulting and managed services. RoundTower, ranked No 74 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, is nationally renowned for its skills in data center infrastructure, converged platforms, cloud automation, DevOps and data analytics.

17. Mosaic451

Location: Phoenix

Website: www.mosaic451.com

TwoYear Growth Rate: 150 percent

Top Executive: Mike Baker, Managing Director

Advanced security services specialist Mosaic451 protects and maintain critical infrastructure for energy, finance, education and the U.S. government markets. The MSP and consultancy company, ranked No. 471 on the 2018 Crn Solution Provider 500, has built a world-class security operations practice for high-threat, complex organizations.

16. Pegasus Technology Solutions

Location: Frisco, Texas

Website: www.pegasustechsolutions.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 155.07 percent

Top Executive: Buck Jones, President, CEO

Red-hot 2014 startup Pegasus Technology Solutions has already risen to No. 499 on the 2018 Solution Provider 500 list, providing a slew of professional and managed services along with integration capabilities. Pegasus CEO and founder Buck Jones was a 2017 finalist for EY's Entrepreneur of The Year Award in the Southwest region.

15. GHA Technologies

Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Website: www.gha-associates.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 161.94 percent

Top Executive: George Hertzberg, President

GHA Technologies jumped to No. 69 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500 this year, up from No. 152 in 2017. The company sells a massive variety of technology from virtualization and energy conservation, to storage and security -- specializing in mission-critical product procurement and integration services.

14. Evotek

Location: San Diego

Website: www.evotek.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 171.83 percent

Top Executive: Jeffrey Klenner, President

Purpose-built to address a changing technology landscape, Evotek specializes in offering products and services around networking, risk management and data center. Evotek was named in Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces of 2018 and is ranked No. 228 on the 2018 CRN Solution Providwer 500.

13. Advanced Network Management

Location: Albuquerque, N.M.

Website: www.anm.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 176.84 percebt

Top Executive: Maninder Mann, President

Advanced Network Management (ANM) is one of the fastest-growing service providers in North America, achieving Gold partner status with tCisco and Microsoft. ANM, ranked No. 219 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, has a 94 percent customer retention rate along with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating.

12. IT Authorities

Location: Tampa, Fla.

Website: www.itauthorities.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 180.80 percent

Top Executive: Phil LaForge, CEO

IT Authorities provides managed services and discovery, planning and design, and project execution services to the nonprofit, manufacturing, accounting, construction, legal, financial, publishing, and health and human services verticals. The company has, over the past 18 months, hired a new CEO and brought in a CFO and COO to ensure that IT Authorities can continue its growth.

11. Diversified

Location: Kenilworth, N.J.

Website: www.diversifiedus.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 196.21 percent

Top Executive: Fred D'Alessandro, Chairman, CEO

Systems engineering services provider Diversified specializes in the implementation of audiovisual technology for professional broadcast purposes, corporate communications, and digital signage networks. The company – No. 49 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500 – launched a consulting business in May 2017 aimed at improving the production, newsroom, channel management and broadcast operations of Diversified's media and entertainment clients.

10. 2nd Watch

Location: Seattle

Website: www.2ndwatch.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 198.47 percent

Top Executive: Doug Schneider, CEO

2nd Watch is an AWS-exclusive managed cloud provider delivering digital marketing, business applications, and big data and analytics to customers in the financial services, insurance, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, media and entertainment, and retail verticals. This year, the company climbed to No. 258 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500.

9. Unitas Global

Location: Los Angeles

Website: www.unitasglobal.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 215.97 percent

Top Executive: Patrick Shutt, CEO

Unitas Global provides private cloud, cloud monitoring and management, hybrid cloud, open stack, IT outsourcing, cloud security, big data and disaster recovery services, and works closely with Microsoft, Dell, Intelisys, VMware, Huawei and Google. The company, No. 399 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, also owns the cloud services arm of Alexander Open Systems, which boosts its engineering capabilities.

8. Stratalux

Location: El Sugundo, Calif.

Website: www.Stratalux.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 238.57 percent

Top Executive: Jeremy Przygode, CEO

Stratalux provides AWS managed services, AWS migration services, AWS software development, Chef DevOps development and open-source centralized logging to companies like Carl's Jr., DreamWorks and LifeLock. Stratalux achieved its AWS managed service partner designation in November, and also works closely with Chef, New Relic and Zadara Storage.

7 . Universal Data (UDI)

Location: New Orleans

Website: www.udi.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 248.16 percent

Top Executive: Jim Perrier, President

Universal Data has come a long way since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Big Easy in 2005. Once just a $1.5 million company that was losing money, the solution provider has established thriving disaster-recovery and virtualization practices over the past decade. UDI was another newcomer on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, landing at No. 425 on the list.

6. Wheelhouse IT

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Website: www.wheelhouseit.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 260.76 percent

Top Executive: Gani Zebersky, CEO

Wheelhouse was founded four years ago when its president Adam Kaplan, and CEO Gani Zebersky, merged a number of MSPs they owned. Both men have worked with clients in the medical field for the greater part of a decade.The company bought health-care specialist Untangled Solutions in 2016.

5. Rean Cloud

Location: Herndon, Va.

Website: www.reancloud.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 322.47 percent

Top Executive: Sekhar Puli, CEO

Rean Cloud (pronounced "rain") is a premier consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network as well as an AWS managed services partner with expertise in industries where security and compliance are essential including financial services, health care and life sciences, education, and the public sector. In late July, Rean agreed to be acquired by Hitachi Vantara for undisclosed terms.

4. Teneo

Location: Dulles, Va.

Website: https://www.teneo.net

Two-Year Growth Rate: 346.28 percent

Top Executive: Piers Carey, CEO

Teneo offers global organizations a mix of next-generation network, storage and security technologies with specialist consultancy and ’as-a-Service’ delivery models. The company recently bought U.K.-based Geode Networks Europe Ltd. The acquisition brings Teneo greater services capabilities, as well as network and application expertise, including consultancy, professional services and support services. The purchase is meant to augment the delivery of Teneo’s SD-WAN, visibility and digital experience monitoring as-a-service offerings.

3. Axispoint

Location: New York

Website: www.axispoint.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 426.44 percent

Top Executive: Daniel DiSano, President, CEO

Axispoint provides consulting, software development, web development, mobile application development and cloud services, supporting customers in the music, entertainment, health-care, financial services and technology verticals. Axispoint, No. 296 on the 2018 CRN Solution Provider 500, bought T2 Computing's business solutions practice to boost its hardware and engineering expertise.

2. FlexPrint

Location: Mesa, Ariz.

Website: http://www.flexprintinc.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 538.42 percent

Top Executive: Frank Gaspari, CEO

The provider of managed print and IT services was founded in 2005, and is led by Frank Gaspari. The company specializes in consumable replenishment, hardware maintenance/repair and asset management for printer/copier fleets. The company’s Total Managed Print Services product is a comprehensive cost-per-print program that works with a customer’s existing devices, providing maintenance, supplies, service, printer usage reporting and efficiency evaluation.

1. Tekpros

Location: Plano, Texas

Website: www.tekpros.com

Two-Year Growth Rate: 571.05 percent

Top Executive: Kumar Nandigam, CEO

Tekpros offers cloud, security, mobile, migration, offshore, data management, virtualization, hosting, infrastructure, managed, project management, and workforce solutions, servicing customers in the energy, health-care, government and retail verticals. The company works closely with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, Dell EMC, Red Hat, Cisco Systems, Novell, SAP and HP Inc.