The 10 Coolest Tech Startups Of 2017

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The Startup Revolution

In 2017, digital transformation took the leap from disruptive concept to necessity in many enterprises. Anyone looking for proof need look no further than the bevy of startups cropping up to help companies reap the rewards of digital transformation.

Need to leverage the booming amount of data coming from your connected systems? Meet the startups dedicated to developing the software and systems needed to conquer big data demands.

Concerned about the new vulnerabilities being created from this data explosion? Check out the new wave of security upstarts protecting everything from the cloud to analytics.

And speaking of the cloud, the market has matured to the point where startups now exist to provide unique services for seemingly every type of vertical.

As part of CRN's ongoing 2017 tech year in review, we've highlighted hot startups across various sectors for solution providers to partner with. From those lists, CRN editors have choosen 10 as this year's coolest startups in tech.

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