5 Things Partners Need To Know About Docker's Next Phase

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Docker Post-Hykes

Docker CTO Solomon Hykes (pictured) is stepping away as the game-changing company he founded 10 years ago digs in for a fierce fight to scale the open-source technology it pioneered into a massive commercial business.

The startup that disrupted the entire industry came out of a pivot from Hykes' previous venture, dotCloud, where Hykes and a core team were working on a Platform-as-a-Service offering before turning their attention to introducing a modernized version of application container technology.

Since then, Docker has gone from obscure startup to open-source darling to one of several companies vying for dominance in a massive and still emerging market. Along the way, the company built and matured a channel of highly skilled consulting and training partners.

Those partners are now looking to win on the back of Docker's aggressive strategy to attack the container market—one that has lined up a broad array of competitors on several fronts.

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