5 Ways Red Hat's Acquisition Of CoreOS Will Shake Up The Container Tech Landscape

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Red Hat's CoreOS Acquisition Sends Shockwave Across The Container Battleground

Red Hat's decision to pay $250 million for CoreOS, a pioneering startup in the container technology landscape, could be the start of a major shift in the container market that will significantly affect solution providers building businesses on the disruptive technology.

The deal unites the Raleigh, N.C.-based open-source giant with a San Francisco-based startup that asserted itself as an early player in the Docker ecosystem with a lightweight Linux distribution geared for running containerized workloads at scale. CoreOS really got into high gear when, with Google's support, it brought to market the first commercial platform for running Kubernetes.

Kubernetes, a container orchestration technology initially developed by Google, has become an integral part of Red Hat's OpenShift development platform.

Here are five ways Red Hat's deal with CoreOS -- and the integration of OpenShift with CoreOS' Tectonic platform -- could impact the red-hot container market.

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