Container Commotion: 6 Hot New Products Aimed At Capitalizing On The Kubernetes Juggernaut

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The Kubernetes Juggernaut

Just in the past two months, several enterprise software powerhouses and closely watched startups have introduced container management platforms that go further in embracing Kubernetes as the technology powering their underlying cluster orchestration layer.

The industry is clearly standardizing on Kubernetes, an open-source project stemming from Google's internal Borg container scheduling system. Google open-sourced the highly developed, battle-tested technology four years ago, just as application containers were gaining steam thanks to Docker's container runtime.

Rival orchestrators, most prominently Docker Swarm and Mesos, still are commonly used in production environments and have their share of boosters. But these six new products illustrate Kubernetes is clearly winning the day and evolving into de facto standard infrastructure for the container stack.

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