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6 Ways The Tech Industry Is Confronting The Coronavirus Pandemic

Joseph Tsidulko

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the IT industry hard with supply chain disruptions, plunging stock prices and forecasts of reduced IT spending.

Mitigating Supply Chain Snags 

For hardware vendors especially, a deadly viral outbreak originating in China, and the shut down of manufacturers and distribution channels from that country, presented particularly pressing challenges to the continuity of their businesses long before coronavirus was detected on American shores.

Component shortages and disrupted supply chains have forced the largest IT systems manufacturers to respond with creative tactics to protect their top lines.

Tech giants like Oracle have been adjusting procedures for how they manage inventory while reallocating resources and working with international suppliers as they come back on online to keep fulfilling orders as best they can.

But it’s been an uphill battle because of the mushrooming scope of the pandemic.

“We had good demand but we couldn’t fulfill it,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri said in a conference call with investors at the start of the month.

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