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AWS Public Sector Partners Forum: 7 Top Announcements

Donna Goodison

‘We are growing fast,’ says Sandy Carter, Amazon Web Services’ vice president of global public sector partners and programs. ‘There’s a lot of energy and a lot of momentum around the public sector partner community for AWS.’

AWS Proserve Ready 

AWS is rolling out the new AWS ProServe Ready program in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa after completing a successful pilot in June. The program trains and matches AWS Partners to AWS Professional Services (ProServe) subcontract engagements.

The new offering emerged from Carter’s session with partners at last year’s AWS re:Invent conference. Partners told her they needed an easier way to work with AWS ProServe.

“What (AWS ProServe Ready) does is essentially what our partners asked us for: help them work seamlessly with ProServe on these engagements and making it easier for the end customers to benefit from the strength of that network,” Carter said. “It provides access to the partners earlier in the sales cycle. This program really helps our partners grow their business while partnering and working with ProServe for that direct experience and knowledge transfer. ProServe stays engaged.”

Partners undergo training as part of the program and earn a ProServe Ready badge.

“Right now, the program is invite-only, and we’re prioritizing the specialized experience, so that we can ensure the right set of partners are leveraging ProServe Ready,” Carter said. “Some of the specialized areas that we’re looking at are things like Amazon Connect or things like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).”

AWS ProServe is not required to bring in partners on all deals, and no incentives are offered to do so, according to Carter.

“We get sold out a lot,” she said. “Let’s say that we have a bunch of contracts on (Amazon) Connect, and we don’t have enough people in Amazon to fulfill them all, because we’re sold out of the skillset. We’ll bring partners in to help us in those areas.”

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