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AWS Public Sector Partners Forum: 7 Top Announcements

Donna Goodison

‘We are growing fast,’ says Sandy Carter, Amazon Web Services’ vice president of global public sector partners and programs. ‘There’s a lot of energy and a lot of momentum around the public sector partner community for AWS.’

IoT Rapid Adoption 

AWS is launching the AWS IoT Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative for partners that provide IoT-based solutions to public sector customers.

AWS IoT subject matter experts will help partners create proven solutions to IoT problems -- assisting technology partners with platform-as-a-service offerings and consulting partners with rolling out IoT-based solutions on behalf of public sector organizations.

AWS points to a MarketsandMarkets forecast that puts the global IoT market at $561 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 26.9 percent.

“We have seen the growth of IoT during COVID,” Carter said. “There’s so many more sensors now that are out there, whether they’re monitoring the weather, monitoring a tire on an airplane or a jet engine...even in healthcare. And those sensors are bringing out a lot more data that is real-time. We help you with technical assistance and understanding how the sensors work, how to secure the sensors. We help with the data that’s coming in, to what would be the right way to get that into a data lake.”

AWS also will provide promotional credits, so partners can deliver IoT solutions faster.

Customers can use AWS IoT to securely connect and manage billions of devices, gather device data and perform sophisticated analytics to solve business and mission-critical problems, Wilfred Justin, AWS’ head of technical enablement for the public sector, said in a blog post today.

“IoT can also help with smart solutions for different domains such as smart cities, smart industry, smart agriculture, smart factories, and smart energy,” Justin said. “Additionally, IoT in the defense industry -- also known as the Internet of Military Things (IoMT) or Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) -- uses artificial intelligence, analytics, data storage and security services to deliver on missions.”

The AWS IoT Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative builds upon the success of the AWS AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance Initiative launched in 2020 for public sector partners. The AWS Public Sector IoT Partner team will offer technical expertise and hands-on guidance to partners in three phases focused on envisioning, enablement and building solutions.

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