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Here Were Microsoft’s Top Paid Executives In 2021

Wade Tyler Millward

Microsoft saw $168.1 billion in sales for fiscal year 2021 as it hailed the results of “another year of historic financial performance.”

5. Jean-Philippe Courtois

Jean-Philippe Courtois, a Microsoft executive vice president and former president of global sales, marketing and operations, received total compensation of about $16.8 million in fiscal year 2021, a 21 percent increase year over year.

He received a salary of about $932,000, a 20 percent increase year over year. His stock awards were valued at about $12.1 million, a 16 percent increase.

Courtois received non-equity incentive plan compensation of about $3.7 million, a 40 percent increase year over year. Microsoft gave Courtois about $66,000 in other compensation. That other compensation includes profit sharing mandated by French law of about $35,000, a car allowance that includes business and personal use of about $20,000, a $298 allowance that was granted to all work-from-home employees in France during the COVID-19 pandemic and a tax assistance allowance of $1,900.

Some of Courtois’ key results during the fiscal year include enhancing “Microsoft’s position as not only a technology provider but a strategic partner for global customers across all industries, helping to sustain, reinvent, and improve business models as digital transformation was accelerated.”

He also “built on Microsoft’s strength as the most trusted Cloud and AI enabler to customers, governments, and communities across the globe by collaborating with them to accelerate the opportunities in those industries that are critical to a country’s economic growth” and “championed efforts to elevate the role of the manager, especially through the remote pandemic environment, setting the stage to serve as executive sponsor of The Forum for Partners and Manager Coaching to promote our leadership principles and manager framework,” according to Microsoft.

In May, Courtois and Microsoft executive Judson Althoff changed their roles. Althoff now heads a “unified” worldwide commercial group for the cloud technologies giant. The global commercial organization will bring together Microsoft’s global sales and marketing organization, previously run by Courtois, and the company’s worldwide commercial business, previously run by Althoff.

Courtois, meanwhile, changed his title from executive vice president and president of Microsoft global sales, marketing and operations, to the new title of executive vice president of national transformation partnerships.

Courtois will take on a new role “engaging more directly in cloud and AI technology, leading our national transformation partnerships around the globe, providing continued leadership to members of our global team, and in the pursuit of philanthropic interests aligned with both the company, and his personal interests,” according to Microsoft.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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