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The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2019 (So Far)

Joseph Tsidulko

Here are the 10 cloud outages so far this year that have generated the most public backlash and, accordingly, did the most to deteriorate trust in the cloud services model for IT.

Slack: June 28

"Something's not quite right" with Slack, the collaboration service's status page reported on June 28.

The extremely popular platform relied on for internal communications by tens of millions of office workers started registering problems around the globe before 5 a.m. PT. Customers reported "multiple issues regarding Slack's degraded performance" across all its popular services—login, messaging, posting files, calls and integrations with other apps through APIs.

According to Slack, some of its servers became unavailable that Friday, resulting in "degraded performance" for job processing for around seven hours. The company registered a 10-25 percent job error or failure rate during that time.

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