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The 2020 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

The delivery of truly differentiated offerings that create opportunities for partners during this unprecedented period is the crowning achievement of our 2020 Tech Innovators.

IT/Application Automation

Winner: GitLab 13.0

Through providing a single application for the entirety of the DevOps life cycle, GitLab eliminates the need for third-party solutions and manual integration—dramatically reducing cycle time while lowering development costs. Earlier this year, GitLab rolled out its first formal channel program to enable partners to bring its DevOps platform to more customers while also complementing the platform with their own services, such as managed DevOps. For the GitLab 13.0 release, security and compliance updates include Responsible Disclosure (enabling authorized users to request Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures information from GitLab); Standalone Vulnerabilities (which rearchitects management of vulnerabilities); and security scanning (including through offering Static Application Security Testing for the .Net Framework).


Moogsoft Observability Cloud

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud applies artificial intelligence to IT operations data to bring automation to the incident management life cycle—providing IT Ops and DevOps teams with greater understanding and control of IT architecture, services and business applications. The platform automates the ingestion of data from complex toolstacks and correlates the data into actionable insight, enabling workflows to be improved and collaboration across teams to be automated.

Puppet 2019.8

With the 2019.8 release of the Puppet Enterprise continuous automation offering, enhancements include providing customers with access to the more than 6,000 modules available on the Puppet Forge repository. The modules can be used as building blocks to rapidly compose orchestration plans in the Puppet Enterprise console, enabling DevOps to quickly expand automation into more complex use cases.

Refactr Platform

The Refactr Platform enables cybersecurity teams to extend their automation capabilities beyond data ingestion and into adopting CI/CD (continuous integration or continuous delivery) practices, which are typically reserved for DevOps teams. The platform provides cybersecurity teams with capabilities to automate workflows such as meeting compliance requirements, conducting rapid incident response and configuring infrastructure and networks.

Robin Automation Platform

Targeted at 5G mobile operators and enterprises, the Robin Automation Platform provides a highly scalable offering to provisioning network capacity, automating service delivery and moving IT infrastructure toward a cloud-native architecture. The platform enables end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling and life-cycle management of applications.


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