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The 2020 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

The delivery of truly differentiated offerings that create opportunities for partners during this unprecedented period is the crowning achievement of our 2020 Tech Innovators.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Winner: LogicMonitor

In a series of recent enhancements to its infrastructure monitoring platform for enterprises and MSPs, LogicMonitor has rolled out new AIOps capabilities to predict—and ultimately prevent—IT outages before they happen. Debuted last December, the AIOps early warning system received a major update in July that added support for rate of change and seasonality in its dynamic thresholds functionality. The update enables the LogicMonitor software to detect patterns and anomalies in performance (with the seasonality support) as well as detect anomalies within the rate that the metric values are changing at.


Cisco Data Center Assurance And Insights

Key capabilities of Cisco’s Data Center Assurance and Insights include prechange analysis, enabling an operator to verify the impact of changes before they are realized in the fabric; identification of potential security breaches ahead of time, allowing operators to take corrective measures to prevent vulnerabilities; and guaranteed reliability so that operators are notified of known issues that may affect the integrity of their network.

F5 Networks F5 Beacon

With F5 Beacon, F5 Networks provides a comprehensive view of applications across the enterprise using an easy-to-consume dashboard—with application models, health and performance metrics and actionable insight. As one core element, F5 Beacon ingests application telemetry data that is fused together from multiple, disparate integration sources.

New Relic One

With the recent update to New Relic One, the offering includes a telemetry data platform that provides a unified view of all telemetry data; full-stack observability, which consolidates all of New Relic’s monitoring products into an integrated platform; and applied intelligence that is delivered across New Relic One.

OpsRamp Platform

The OpsRamp IT operations management platform enables enterprise IT teams and MSps to get a better handle on their digital infrastructure through hybrid discovery and monitoring, event and incident management and remediation and automation—all powered by AIOps. The end result for IT is a unified view of infrastructure health for effectively maintaining business-critical services.

Sinefa Endpoint Agent

Sinefa’s Endpoint Agent software deploys on employee desktop and laptop PCs, automatically generating visibility via a SaaS web portal. The solution is aimed at IT teams that must support a major expansion of remote employees and call center workers, as well as MSPs seeking to build a monitoring as a service practice around supporting the new remote workforce.

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