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The 2020 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

The delivery of truly differentiated offerings that create opportunities for partners during this unprecedented period is the crowning achievement of our 2020 Tech Innovators.

Security-Identity And Access Management


Okta Platform Services

Identity security firm Okta recently introduced its Okta Platform Services offering featuring a set of technologies at the core of its Okta Identity Cloud. The technologies that make up the offering include Okta Identity Engine, which provides authentication, authorization and registration flows that are customized and are context-based; Okta Directories, which runs the Okta Universal Directory and User Management, boosting both scalability and flexibility; Okta Integrations, which delivers access to anyone to build on top of Okta; and Okta Insights, with aggregation and analysis capabilities for Okta data, which are disseminated across key technologies.


Centrify Privileged Access Service 20.3

With the Centrify Privileged Access Service 20.3 release, key features include client-based password reconciliation, which forms a bonded trust with the password vault to ensure passwords are in sync; hyper-scalable privileged access service, which brings the availability and scalability of the cloud to an on-premises deployment; and delegated machine credentials, which inserts privileged access management into the DevOps pipeline.

Cisco Duo Device Health Application

The launch of the Duo Device Health Application provides the IT admin with deeper device context—in addition to other contextual factors such as user, network, location and application—to enforce granular, adaptive access policies. Meanwhile, the lightweight application performs health checks at the application level at the time of authentication, mitigating the risk of breach.

CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution

Recent enhancements to CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution incorporated multifactor authentication across the entire solution, delivering an AI-powered authentication experience that is risk-aware, intelligent and passwordless. CyberArk also introduced a broad set of just-in-time use cases to enable least privilege—regardless of user type, target system or environment—so that users only have the appropriate level of access for the time needed.

ForgeRock Identity Platform

With recent updates, ForgeRock expanded its passwordless authentication capabilities to include a username-less experience while simplifying the authentication process with an intelligent access tree framework—delivering user journeys out of the box with a drag-and-drop interface to fit a comprehensive set of business needs.

Kaseya - Passly by ID Agent

Passly, from Kaseya-owned ID Agent, combines multifactor authentication, single sign-on and password management—along with proprietary Dark Web monitoring, which can detect in real time if user credentials have been compromised and are for sale on the Dark Web. Passly ensures that employees have the right access to the right resources, from only approved devices and locations.


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