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The 2020 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

The delivery of truly differentiated offerings that create opportunities for partners during this unprecedented period is the crowning achievement of our 2020 Tech Innovators.



NetApp Global File Cache

The NetApp Global File Cache enables the consolidation of an organization’s numerous distributed file servers into a single, centralized location in the cloud. The data can then be managed and made available to users from that central location—streamlining the organization’s infrastructure, reducing cyberthreats (through shrinking potential attack vectors) and enabling a major reduction in cost. Key differentiators for NetApp’s Global File Cache include the use of technology layers such as global namespace representation and intelligent caching to provide strong performance to all users, even those in distant locations, avoiding the need for replicating and synchronizing data based on a central copy.


Panzura CloudFS 8

With the eighth-generation release of Panzura’s global cloud file system, Panzura CloudFS 8 adds cloud mirroring, allowing companies to simultaneously write data to two separate cloud object stores, doubling cloud availability. In addition, Panzura Mobile now provides enterprise file sync and share that enables secure sharing from the live file system, negating the need to replicate data.

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is a native cloud service that enables organizations to fully leverage their unstructured data. Qumulo Shift moves file data from any Qumulo on-premises or public cloud file system into Amazon S3. The offering also transforms file data to object in an open format, making it accessible to applications and services designed for Amazon S3.

Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage

Cloud storage provider Wasabi provides a hot storage offering that is about one-fifth the price of Amazon S3 storage, but faster. The company’s Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model lets customers purchase a reserved amount of cloud storage for a fixed price for one, three or five years.