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The 2020 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

The delivery of truly differentiated offerings that create opportunities for partners during this unprecedented period is the crowning achievement of our 2020 Tech Innovators.

Cloud Tools And Management


VMware CloudHealth

With powerful functionality for management and operation of multi-cloud environments, VMware’s CloudHealth enables optimized scaling of cloud infrastructure along with improved decision-making around everything from security to cost management. CloudHealth supports a broad set of environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud as well as VMware, containers and bare-metal infrastructure. Partner-friendly enhancements have included the introduction of CloudHealth Savings Plan Recommendations, which allow MSPs to offer a comparison of all options for AWS Savings Plans. CloudHealth thus enables MSPs to guide a customer to the ideal Savings Plan choice based on the customer’s specific needs.


Cisco Intersight

With its Intersight platform, Cisco delivers life-cycle operations as a service, connecting technology domains (compute, storage, network, hyperconverged, cloud, virtualization and containers) across data center, edge and cloud. The offering also adds value by leveraging data to optimize development and deployment costs.

CloudBolt Cloud Management Platform v9

CloudBolt’s latest cloud management platform enables enterprise IT teams to rapidly provision, configure and manage hybrid cloud resources across more than 20 cloud providers. CloudBolt includes capabilities such as a unified orchestration platform; a self-service IT portal; and controls that empower IT teams to enforce cost, security and compliance for the delivery of cloud resources.

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud offers a quick way to adopt the widely used Terraform multi-cloud provisioning product. Offered as a service, Terraform Cloud enables enterprise IT teams to shift to Terraform infrastructure as code for provisioning, compliance and operational consistency across cloud, data centers and third-party applications.

Volterra VoltStack

With VoltStack, Volterra offers a SaaS-based platform to deploy, secure and operate apps in the edge and across clouds. The platform consolidates multiple services across app clusters, while enabling zero-touch provisioning of infrastructure nodes, platform services and apps. VoltStack’s distributed control plane and standard Kubernetes APIs enable users to efficiently manage a large fleet of app clusters.



Kyle Alspach

Kyle Alspach is a Senior Editor at CRN focused on cybersecurity. His coverage spans news, analysis and deep dives on the cybersecurity industry, with a focus on fast-growing segments such as cloud security, application security and identity security.  He can be reached at

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