VMware Unleashes 5 New Cloud Offerings At VMworld

From injecting Kubernetes into VMware Cloud on AWS to CloudHealth now supporting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, here are five new cloud offerings VMware unveiled Tuesday at VMworld 2020.


New VMware Offerings For AWS, Microsoft Azure And Oracle Cloud

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VMware has been doubling down on public cloud partnerships this year at a ferocious pace, creating joint offerings and go-to-market with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in a move to become the dominant global market leader in hybrid cloud.

With VMworld 2020 kicking off virtually Tuesday, VMware showcased again just how important its strategic alliances and joint offerings are with the public cloud market leaders by unveiling new offerings with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud as well as a new VMware Cloud Partner Navigator aimed at helping public cloud providers and MSPs adopt new business models.

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Here are five new public cloud offerings and support VMware unleashed Tuesday at VMworld 2020.

Tanzu Support For VMware Cloud On AWS

As momentum surges for VMware Cloud on AWS, the hybrid cloud offering is getting taken to the next level with the unveiling Tuesday of Tanzu support for VMware Cloud on AWS. Tanzu is VMware’s portfolio of Kubernetes products and services for modernizing applications and infrastructure.

Support for VMware Tanzu will centralize operations and management of Kubernetes clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS.

As of August, total VMs are up 140 percent and the total number of hosts up 130 percent year over year for VMware Cloud on AWS. Over 600 channel partners across the globe have achieved a VMware Cloud on AWS service competency. There are currently more than 300 certified or validated technology solutions available to VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

“Amazon is now scaling their dedicated sales force [around VMware Cloud on AWS],” said VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger during Citi’s recent 2020 Global Technology Virtual Conference. “So we have a dedicated sales force, Amazon has a dedicated sales force, and they’re now partnering at scale. I would say this is really starting to generate shared momentum in the marketplace.”

Tanzu For Oracle And Microsoft On The Way

VMware said it is working on implementing Tanzu support for its Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and Azure VMware Solution.

VMware Tuesday announced preview support for Tanzu in its Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. VMware also said its working closely with Microsoft to make its Tanzu support for Azure preview available soon to early adopters.

These updates provide customers with fast and secure ways to extend workloads to the cloud and bolsters VMware’s ability to offer customers a ubiquitous platform for running applications on the infrastructure of their choice, according to Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager of VMware’s Modern Application Platform Business Unit.

“Organizations are evaluating the best paths forward for their applications,” said Patel in a statement. “VMware is an essential partner regardless of the path they choose—we have 85 million workloads running on-premises, the fastest and simplest path to migration to any cloud, a unified platform for all applications, and powerful tools for refactoring existing applications and building new, modern ones.”

Oracle Cloud’s newly launched Oracle Cloud VMware Solution service takes an architectural approach that puts the channel front and center in selling, implementation and management. In May, Microsoft announced a forthcoming update to the Azure VMware Solution, which aims to make it easier and less expensive to migrate on-premises VMware applications to Microsoft‘s Azure cloud platform.

CloudHealth Now Supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

To boost VMware cloud management on Oracle infrastructure, VMware unveiled at VMworld 2020 that CloudHealth by VMware now supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). CloudHealth, which was acquired by VMware in late 2018, helps businesses simplify cloud financial management while strengthening security and compliance.

VMware said having CloudHealth on Oracle now allows enterprises to view all public cloud costs from a single platform. Customers can also group assets by business unit, department, cost center and owner to help with cost reporting and showback using OCI tags and CloudHealth’s Perspectives capability.

CloudHealth by VMware on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is available now.

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery For AWS

In another move to enhance its VMware Cloud on AWS offering, VMware created VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery—an on-demand Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering that protects on-premises vSphere workloads onto VMware Cloud on AWS.

The new DRaaS offering combines efficient cloud storage with SaaS-based management for IT resiliency at scale. VMware said customers benefit from consistent VMware operations across production and disaster recovery (DR) sites and a “pay-when-you-need” failover capacity model for DR resources.

This year, VMware acquired disaster recovery standout Datrium in a bid to bolster its cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities. Datrium will enable VMware to deliver on its vision for a cost-optimized option to protect data stored either on-premises or on AWS infrastructure.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

The new Cloud Partner Navigator enables partners to expand business opportunities beyond their own clouds to include the expanding set of VMware-based clouds and services. Initially unveiled in November as Project Path, the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator aims to help public cloud providers and MSPs adopt new business models to generate new value, revenue and improve margins to their cloud business.

With VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, customers gain greater flexibility and choice to run applications in the cloud that best meet their operational and business requirements, with one-click application and service deployment, and access to a marketplace. Partners can also provide customers direct access to VMware’s growing portfolio of application modernization, business continuity and multi-cloud operations services.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator is in preview. VMware did not disclose when it would become generally available.