VMworld 2020 News, Announcements And Analysis

VMworld 2020

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VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Biggest Statements At VMworld 2020
‘There’s enterprise 5G, which I predict will displace Wi-Fi globally. As one of the creators of Wi-Fi, that’s a difficult statement to make,’ says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger in his keynote at VMworld 2020 today.

VMworld 2020’s 15 Biggest Product Announcements
VMware unleashed a slew of new products, services and partnerships at VMworld 2020 Tuesday. CRN breaks down the 15 most important announcements.

VMware Acquires SaltStack To ‘Complete Our Automation Story’
‘SaltStack will help us to complete our automation story, enabling us to extend our automation capabilities beyond infrastructure to the entire application stack,’ says VMware’s cloud leader, Ajay Singh.

Nvidia NGC To Supercharge AI On VMware Cloud, vSphere And Tanzu
‘We are joining forces now to say, ‘hey, use this same platform and run your workloads,’ which essentially means that we can bring AI to every enterprise on top of the platform that they are already using,’ VMware executive Krish Prasad says of the upcoming integration of Nvidia’s NGC hub for GPU-accelerated software./p>

VMware Unleashes 5 New Cloud Offerings At VMworld
From injecting Kubernetes into VMware Cloud on AWS to CloudHealth now supporting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, here are five new cloud offerings VMware unveiled Tuesday at VMworld 2020.