VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Biggest Statements At VMworld 2020

‘There’s enterprise 5G, which I predict will displace Wi-Fi globally. As one of the creators of Wi-Fi, that’s a difficult statement to make,’ says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger in his keynote at VMworld 2020 today.


5 Bullish Remarks From Pat Gelsinger During VMworld

At VMworld 2020 today, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger made some bullish statements and predictions around how 5G will “displace” Wi-Fi and why VMware’s new partnership with Nvidia will “unleash AI for every enterprise.”

Thousands of people from across the globe attended VMware’s first-ever virtual VMworld conference on Tuesday. VMware unleashed a slew of new products, services, partnerships and integrations during VMworld today including new work-from-home and cybersecurity solutions to Tanzu support for VMware Cloud on AWS and the new VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload.

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Gelsinger kicked-off the virtual conference acknowledging that 2020 has been a challenging year for the world at large.

“Understatement of the year: 2020 has been extraordinary and challenging,” said Gelsinger during his keynote presentation. “In 2020, we’ve proven to ourselves that empathy plus urgency is a powerful combination.”

Here are the five boldest and most important statements from Gelsinger’s keynote address at VMworld today.

Enterprise 5G ‘Will Displace Wi-Fi Globally’

For enterprises, there’s huge value in 5G and the VMware Telco Cloud [has] powerful edge use cases where 5G will enable smart cities, factories and autonomous vehicles. Then, there’s enterprise 5G, which I predict will displace Wi-Fi globally. As one of the creators of Wi-Fi, that’s a difficult statement to make. We’re excited about the co-innovation we’re driving with leaders in 5G. All of these leaders are leveraging our VMware Telco Cloud. All of them are cloudifying their infrastructure to capture the advantages of an open software-defined approach. In many ways, VMware is the operating system for 5G.

New Nvidia Partnership ‘To Unleash AI For Every Enterprise’

I’m often asked, ‘What is the future of apps?’ The answer lies in data. Data is the jet fuel of next-generation services. But how do we harness all that data? How do we extract insights? The answer: artificial intelligence. Businesses are hungry to tackle the power of AI. For example, high throughput use cases for video analytics and financial services for real-time streaming for fraud detection. In healthcare, AI is now vital to the race for a [COVID-19] vaccine. But as exciting as these next-generation apps are, they are beyond the reach of mainstream organizations. In fact, enterprise AI adoption is stuck at just 10 percent to 15 percent. Today, we’re changing all of that. We’re announcing a strategic partnership with Nvidia to unleash AI for every enterprise.

[We’re] making AI available, democratizing, for every enterprise in the world today. That’s what we’re on mission to do together.

‘This Is A Bad Day For Cyber Criminals’

We are disrupting the security industry by building security controls intrinsically into the infrastructure. As your apps and data move across clouds or get decomposed into containers, they retain a consistent security posture. It’s been 14 months since we combined VMware and Carbon Black – it’s been a powerful union. Today, we’re serving more than 20,000 security customers. Security is now a $1 billion-plus business for us. We’re thrilled about our Carbon Black Cloud Workload. This is a new solution for hardening, configuring and managing your virtual workloads. We’ve integrated it into vSphere to simplify operations -- no agents to install or manage. To celebrate, we are offering every VMware customer a free trial of Carbon Black Cloud Workload available free for the next six months. And, you can extend this to an unlimited number of machines. This is a bad day for cyber criminals.

‘Our Strategy In A Nutshell’

We will continue to work hard to be your go-to innovator for all things infrastructure, but when you look at VMware today, we’ve spread our wings behind infrastructure. We’re shaping the future of digital in top priority areas for every business.

Our strategy in a nutshell: we deliver the digital foundation for an unpredictable world. The core of our strategy is your business, your apps and your data to power your business in the face of uncertainty, we deliver five critical building blocks. First, app modernization with Tanzu. Second our multi-cloud portfolio with VMware Cloud. Together app modernization and multi-cloud form the core stack. They go together like fish and chips. Then there’s digital workspace, the key to driving employee engagement. Underlining it all is our Virtual Cloud Networking portfolio. And perhaps most importantly, intrinsic security is architected into everything that we do. Putting it all together, the digital foundation of an unpredictable world.

‘The Digital Foundation For An Unpredictable World’

Understatement of the year: 2020 has been extraordinary and challenging. Against this backdrop, we’re in the midst of a profound rethink across every dimension of our lives. How we care for our sick, how we connect, how we life, how we worship, how we learn and how we work. At the center of this profound rethink, is digital innovation. We’re seeing a historic increase in our reliance on apps, clouds, devices – our strategy is resonating more powerfully than ever. This ability to access any app on any cloud on any device. … In 2020, we’ve proven to ourselves that empathy plus urgency is a powerful combination. Our mantra is simple: care deeply and act decisively.

If you’re a technologist, this is your time. We have the will to drive change, plus the environment for change, and we have the platform we need – the digital foundation for an unpredictable world. I think about all the students around the world whose lives that have been disrupted. We owe it to them to act with empathy and urgency to act now. We owe it to them to chart a path forward by unlocking the value of software. Each of us must play our part by building a better and more resilient future for all.