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10 Hottest Semiconductor Companies To Watch In 2021

Dylan Martin

A look at some of the hottest chip startups and semiconductor giants in 2021 that are making big, bold moves and shaping the future of IT and beyond.

Shaping The Future Of IT

The semiconductor industry is in the midst of some major changes, including the way Intel makes chips and who own the keys to chip designs for most of the world’s smartphones.

As upstarts spring up to take on Intel, AMD and Nvidia, the three large semiconductor companies are all going through their own transformations that have big implications for the IT world and, consequently, for the solution providers who sell PCs, servers and other hardware types.

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The latter two are undergoing multibillion-dollar acquisitions that will dramatically expand their product portfolios and the markets in which they operate while Intel is evolving its integrated device manufacturing model to overcome future chip shortages and become more essential than ever before.

What follows are the 10 hottest semiconductor companies to watch in 2021, and they include a mix of large, established companies and the startups that are challenging them.

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