CRN Exclusive: CEO Weisler On Reinventing HP, Market-Share Gains, And 'Creating The Future' With Partners

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Weisler On The HP Innovation Offensive

HP CEO Dion Weisler says the company's two consecutive quarters of sales growth for PCs and printers is being driven by a no-holds-barred focus on innovation.

That innovation offensive has led to what Weisler calls the "flat-out" best product portfolio in the company's history. That led to a 12 percent increase in sales in the PC business and a 6 percent increase in sales in the printer business in the most recent quarter.

"I think what is most impressive about it is it is off the back of incredible products and innovations," Weisler told CRN.  "That is what makes me the most confident. There is no sort of one-quarter magic pill here." 

"Reinvent" is the theme for HP's World Partner Forum being held in Chicago from Sept. 11-13. "The channel is undergoing a reinvention all its own and we need to be a partner that enables that, whether it is through training and teaching them how to sell solutions or providing a platform for them."

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