CRN Exclusive: HP Printing President Lores On Reinventing Print, Roam Business Printing, Smart Device Services, New Security Offerings, And Closing The Samsung Deal

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Lores On Reinventing Printing

HP Imaging and Printing President Enrique Lores, who has been leading the company’s printing business renaissance, says breakthroughs like the new Roam business print anywhere offering and new security capabilities are reinventing printing.

"Many companies will say the future of print is uncertain, unsecure or not predictable," said Lores. "We think the future of print is whatever we want it to be. And what we want it to be is a growing business. This is our key message for the channel."

Lores said security improvements such as new HP Connection Inspector are opening the door to more managed print services opportunities for partners.

"What we have built into the printers now is a system to monitor traffic so they can detect if the traffic is not following the normal level," he said. "If they detect that, the printer is shut down. It is a very, very important feature to make sure if printers are hacked, they shut down themselves. It removes the risk of data being stolen through the printer."

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