5 New Nvidia Products At CES 2018 For Gamers And Autonomous Vehicles

Nvidia's AI Offerings

Nvidia came out swinging at CES 2018, launching an array of new artificial intelligence-related products, partnerships and announcements as the company continues to make headway in markets like autonomous vehicles and enthusiast gaming platforms.

"Nvidia's dedicated ourselves to a form of computing called GPU computing," said Jensen Huang, Nvidia's CEO, said during a keynote at the show. "Because of GPU computing, we can synthesize VR … and with recent breakthroughs in AI, we can understand these physical worlds."

From the company's new autonomous machine processors to big 4K gaming displays, here are five new Nvidia announcements at CES.

Nvidia Xavier

Nvidia lifted the curtain on its new autonomous machine processors, Drive Xavier, at CES. These chips are targeted toward businesses trying to build self-driving cars. The Drive Xavier packs 9 billion transistors and an 8-core CPU, coupled with a 356-core Nvidia Volta GPU. The processor also features technology targeted toward deep learning, computer vision, and 8K video processing. Nvidia said that the first samples of Xavier would hit the market in this quarter.

Drive IX Software Development Kit

Nvidia also announced a new SDK to pair with Drive Xavier, that helps developers and self-driving car manufacturers create automotive applications. The company said its new SDK, the Drive IX software development kit, helps companies build virtual assistants that can react to events outside of the car. Nvidia also showed off the Drive AR SDK, which it said will help developers design augmented reality interfaces for automobiles.

Nvidia New Partnerships Around Driverless Cars

Nvidia also revealed several partnerships around self-driving cars, including a collaboration with Volkswagen. The two companies will jointly develop a smart "Co-Pilot" system to gather data about vehicles and incorporate voice and gesture controls and act as a voice-enabled digital assistant. The car manufacturer will use Nvidia's Drive IX platform to develop its new set of cars.

Nvidia also said it would partner with Uber to put its artificial intelligence computing system into the company's fleets of self-driving cars.

Big 4K HDR G-Sync Gaming Displays

Despite all the autonomous vehicle news, Nvidia made it clear it wanted to continue sticking close to its roots in the enthusiast space. The company at CES revealed "big format gaming displays," which are 65-inch 4K displays for enthusiast customers. The displays, which are manufactured by Nvidia's OEM partners like HP and Acer, include Nvidia technology like G-Sync, which makes objects sharper, and integrated Nvidia Shield capabilities – meaning that users can access streaming apps and support for Google Assistant. The company didn't reveal details on pricing.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia announced a new feature of its GeForce Experience software for gamers, the GeForce Experience. This software feature allows players to add at least 35 image filters – including styles like Vignette, Colorblind, and Contrast – to the games they play. In addition to serving as an entertaining feature for consumers, Nvidia also hopes that Freestyle will help colorblind players better see color palettes for games.