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Intel’s Gelsinger: AMD’s Lead ‘Over’ With New Alder Lake, Sapphire Rapids CPUs

Dylan Martin

In an exclusive interview with CRN, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about how the upcoming Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids CPUs will put the heat on AMD, his view of Arm’s emergence in the data center and the importance of channel partners to Intel’s future.

Do you expect Sapphire Rapids, the next generation of Xeon Scalable CPUs, to slow down AMD’s market share growth in the data center space when it comes out next year?

I think we’re in a supply-constrained environment, so in that view, I don’t think there’s a lot more opportunity for share movements one way or the other in this period of time. I see it as a fairly stable environment in terms of market share and ASPs in that environment.

And if anything, ASPs are rising, not falling because of supply constraints and the costs of the supply chain coming at us and at [AMD] in this period of time. In that sense, I just don’t see a lot of change on market share, which in some respects, as our products are rebuilding strength, we’ll be in an environment where as the products get better as they ramp, and as we look out [two to] three years, we expect unquestioned leadership products in every dimension that we participate in.

So this period of time when people could say, “Hey, [AMD] is leading,” that’s over. We are back with a very defined view of what it requires to be leadership in every dimension: leadership product, leadership [chip] packaging, leadership process, leadership software, unquestioned leadership on critical new workloads like AI, graphics, media, power-performance, enabling again the ecosystem. This is what we will be doing with aggressive actions and programs over the next couple of years.

With the competition stronger than ever before, what are the reasons partners should continue to point customers to Intel-based solutions?

There are probably three or four answers to that matter. One is, we have 80-ish percent share. We’re not 80-ish percent share because we don’t satisfy the customers and satisfy the market and enable the partners as well. And yeah, AMD has done a solid job over the last couple of years. We won’t dismiss them of the good work that they’ve done, but that’s over with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids.

We have the best product. We have 80 percent market share. We have the best software assets that are available in the industry. We do the best job supporting our partners and our OEMs with it. We have an incredible brand that our channel partners, customers want and trust. Wow, that’s a lot of assets in that. If the channel partner doesn’t see value in that, I want to talk to him.

Intel is back. These are the best products in their category. We have the best supply situation. We have the best quality software assets. The most respected, venerable technology brand in the industry. Yeah, that’s what your channel readers need to be delivering to their customers.

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