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New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s Top Four Priorities For Employees

Dylan Martin

On his second day on the job, Gelsinger outlined four big priorities as Intel’s new CEO in a letter to employees that he says will help the company fight against growing competition and ‘set a new era of innovation and technological leadership.’

Achieving New Goals Will ‘Set A New Era Of Innovation’

New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told employees that the company must “execute flawlessly” and become a leader in every product category to “set a new era of innovation and technological leadership.”

Gelsinger, who began as Intel’s new leader Monday, made the comments in a Tuesday letter to the semiconductor giant’s 110,000-plus employees, which was published to the company’s website.

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In the letter, Gelsinger talked about his previous 30-year tenure at Intel, four key technology trends that will guide the company’s future and the company’s unique capabilities in the semiconductor industry. He also cited his former bosses and Intel’s co-founders Gordon Moore, Bob Noyce and Andy Grove and said they inspired him to become the company’s CEO, his “dream job.”

“Technology has never been more important for humanity than it is now. Everything is becoming digital, with four key superpowers – cloud, mobility fueled by 5G, artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge – set to transcend and transform the world,” he wrote in the letter. “Intel is the only semiconductor company that has the depth and breadth of intelligent silicon, platform, software, architecture, design, manufacturing and scale that our customers need to capitalize on these opportunities and fuel their next-generation innovations.”

What follows are the four priorities Gelsinger, who is taking over from Bob Swan, laid out for the company in his letter to employees.

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