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Nvidia’s 6 Biggest GTC 2021 Product Announcements

Dylan Martin

The chipmaker is making major expansions beyond its traditional GPU business with the reveal of a new data center CPU, a next-generation data processing unit and new DGX systems for AI computing at the company’s GTC 2021 event.

Far More Than Just A GPU Maker

Nvidia wants to cement itself as the premier company for accelerated computing, and it’s doing that by expanding beyond its original GPU vision to sell other kinds of chips as well as the systems they power.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company revealed its plans at the virtual GTC 2021 event to become a three-chip company with a new Arm-based data center CPU that is due out in early 2023.

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It’s a big move for a company that has largely sold GPUs for most of its 28-year history, but Nvidia made its intentions of becoming a heterogenous compute technology provider known last year with its $7 billion acquisition of Mellanox Technologies, which resulted in Nvidia’s line of BlueField data processing units.

And yet, Nvidia clearly isn’t content to just be a components provider. The company has continued to expand its line of DGX appliances and clusters for AI computing, and it’s making new software investments in the enterprise world to become a next-generation data center vendor.

What follows are the six biggest product announcements Nvidia made at GTC 2021, from its new data center GPU and BlueField-3 DPU to new DGX products and workstation GPUs.

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