10 Hot IoT Products To Look Out For At CES 2018

This Year's CES Just Got Smarter

Smart home products took off in the consumer market in 2017, and that popularity will be clear on the CES 2018 show floor.

Last year, IoT dominated CES, with companies showing off every connected device you could think of -- even a smart hairbrush. This year, attendees are looking forward to seeing the newest and craziest IoT products at CES -- from smart home products, to examples of the technology powering smart cities.

There is already an array of connected products on the docket for CES this year -- including a smart toothbrush, a connected shower and IoT security cameras. Here are 10 hot IoT products that CRN is looking forward to checking out on the show floor.

Petrics Smart Pet Bed

CES has an IoT device for everything -- and that includes pets. Dog owners who want to go that extra mile for their furry friends can check out Petrics' smart pet bed, an Internet of Things connected bed and companion collar that the company said "extends the lives of pets." This device tracks pets' weight, rest periods and activities, while the bed also offers thermostatic climate controls to keep the dogs in optimal comfort.

The Grush Cloud White Toothbrush

Toothbrush technology company Grush will use CES 2018 as a launch platform for its newest smart toothbrush, Cloud White. This toothbrush comes with smart features so users can record brushing data and inspect their brushing routine more closely. Users receive recommendations on which teeth have not been brushed properly -- and they can also send brushing data to dentists for analysis. Grush will launch a crowdfund campaign for Cloud White in the first quarter of 2018.

Terraillon Homni Smart Sleep Offering

CES-goers will get a glimpse at a new smart sleep solution from French company Terraillon. The sleep offering, Homni, will allow users to understand and improve their sleep better. The device, which is a rounded Bluetooth stereo comprising of an array of sensors, connects to a smartphone app and passes sleep data to the user via the app so they can see details on temperature, humidity, sound level, room brightness and a complete sleep analysis.

Elmer Connected Shower

Connected showers are nothing new at CES -- last year show-goers got a glimpse at Moen's smart shower system -- and this year another IoT shower will be back. The Elmer shower is a custom-made shower complete with a Bluetooth speaker and companion app. Users can use the SmarTap app to manage the water flow, temperature and consumption of their showers.

IotaBeam's StarDust

IoT security company iotaBeam will launch its first security offering designed for low compute and low power IoT sensors and devices during CES 2018. While most security solutions need to exchange multiple messages over the IP network to authenticate devices, the StarDust solution is built on the premise that it keeps these messages to a minimum to reduce security risks and minimize the battery drain of IoT devices. StarDust is also agnostic so can be paired with various IoT platforms and wireless technologies.

Guardzilla 360

CES attendees are used to seeing connected security cameras, but the Guardzilla 360 has one defining trait -- it says it is the first Wi-Fi security camera delivering a live 360-degree HD view from users' smartphones. The $300 connected security camera allows users to check in on their houses -- it includes 360-degree night detection and motion sensors, as well as a siren to deter intruders.

Blink Video Doorbell

Blink will be showcasing its IoT video doorbell at CES this year. This smart doorbell connects to a companion smartphone app, so that homeowners have a live view of who is at their front door and can talk to them remotely. The doorbell, which is weatherproof and has infrared night vision, also features instant-on motion detection, so users can be alerted if someone is lurking outside of their house. The Blink video doorbell is coming in 2018.

Tapplock One

CES-goers will have a chance to check out the world's first smart fingerprint padlock, Tapp's Tapplock One. This $99 padlock, which can be used for bikes, storage centers or lockers, contains a fingerprint sensor that can store up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users. The padlock itself is forged with an Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal body, but on the technology side its sensor connects to a companion app where users can set access with flexible dates and times, as well as track and monitor padlock access history.

LG IoT PuriCare Air Purifier

This year, LG is bringing its smart air purifier, PuriCare, back to CES 2018 with some big upgrades. The PuriCare Air Purifier automatically removes fine dust particulars and monitors air quality. The air purifier now features Clean Booster to help it better distribute clean air throughout the room.

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon will show off its new Echo Look device -- essentially a smart selfie speaker and voice assistant -- at CES 2018. Echo Look is Amazon's newest home assistant that acts as a stand-alone camera, allowing users to take pictures and videos of themselves. While users can take selfies with Amazon's newest product, they can also use it as a fashion assistant -- the device comes with a new service called Style Check that offers feedback when users upload photos or videos of their outfits.