The 10 Hottest Edge Computing Startups Of 2020 (So Far)

CRN breaks down 10 of the most talked about edge computing startups in the world.

10 Startups Driving Edge Computing Innovation

Innovation at the edge -- from SD-WAN and artificial intelligence to modular data centers and the Internet of Things (IoT) -- is creating a new breed of startups looking to ride the next technology wave.

Approximately 75 percent of all data will need analysis and action at the edge by 2025, according to Gartner. The research firm Gartner also believes that by 2023, more than 50 percent of large enterprises will deploy at least six edge computing uses cases for Internet of Things or immersive experiences, versus less than 1 percent in 2019. Analysts predict more than 40 percent of IoT data will need to be processed at the edge which is why vendors across the spectrum are investing heavily in new products and services targeting the edge.

Here are ten of the hottest edge computing startups striving to make waves at the edge in 2020.

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Joel Rubino, CEO, Co-Founder

Cartesiam says it has cracked the code for simple and affordable edge artificial intelligence. The startup’s NanoEdge AI enables machine learning functions on microcontrollers embedded in connected objects, like IoT, at the edge. Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio is software embedded inside microcontrollers to allow customers to learn, infer and predict at the edge by enabling a machine learning static library that contains an AI design to gather knowledge.

Cato Networks

Shlomo Kramer, CEO, Co-founder

Cato Networks provides software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and security at the edge. The startup focuses on connecting remote offices, mobile users, data centers and cloud resources into a secure and optimized global managed SD-WAN. Cato’s Edge SD-WAN device, Cato Socket, is a zero-touch device that can be up and running in minutes, while its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) converges the function of network and security point solutions into a unified cloud-native service.


Randy Brouckman, CEO

EdgeConneX provides purpose-built data center solutions for the edge including small cells, Point of Presence and customized centers in remote locations. The company’s EdgeConneX multi-access edge computing infrastructure is used to test 5G networks and power virtual reality platforms, while its EdgeOS is a purpose-built operating system for edge data centers. The company has built more than 40 edge computing data centers across the world since 2013, ranging from 10kW to 100MW facilities.

Edge Intelligence

Kate Mitchell, CEO, Co-Founder

Edge Intelligence provides a software platform that processes data in real-time to give customers insights into distributed data at the edge from servers, routers and threat intelligence platforms. The startup’s flagship analytics architecture provides centralized management and access to geographically distributed data, automated software installation and orchestration. Edge Intelligence software allows customers to collect unlimited amounts of data from device gateways including programmable controllers and distributed control systems used within large industrial environments.


Mike Hagan, CEO, Founder

EdgeMicro specializes in providing edge colocation data centers tied with its proprietary Edge Traffic Exchange technology that facilitates local IP access between cellular radios, cached data and compute services directly at the tower. The startup’s turnkey edge data centers can be located at any fiber point such as in parking lots and roof-tops. EdgeMicro provides services around site location, engineering and design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring. The startup is deploying hundreds of modular data centers that deliver the scale and flexibility required at the edge.


Kilton Hopkins, CEO, Co-Founder

Edgeworx is laser focused on bringing Kubernetes to the IoT edge with ioFOG Engine which allows customers to run any software on any endpoint using open source technology. The ioFOG software is seamlessly integrated with Kubernetes to enable Kubernetes to orchestrate microservices all the way to the edge. The startup’s edge-native infrastructure tools and platforms enable developers and operators to extend their cloud to the edge.

Pensando Systems

Prem Jain, CEO

Pensando Systems is looking to pioneer a new edge services model of enterprise and cloud computing, backed by Cisco’s former CEO John Chambers. The Prensado platform includes its custom, programmable P4 processor, dubbed Capri, optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage and security services at cloud scale with minimal latency and low power requirements. The Pensando Policy and Services Manager offers lifecycle management, security and visibility throughout the software stack.


Rusty Cumpston, CEO, Co-Founder

Swim.AI offers edge-based software that provides real-time analytics and machine learning. The startup’s software, which is deployed at the edge, processes large volumes of streaming data from devices and infrastructure where it is created. Customers can integrate the company’s open source Swim Continuum to aggregate both static and dynamic data from local or edge sources to create a single “source of truth,” says the company, with the ability to easily add new data sources.

Vapor IO

Cole Crawford, CEO, Founder

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform delivers edge colocation, edge exchange and edge networking services. Vapor IO incorporates software-defined networking-based edge technologies to eliminate unnecessary latency between user and applications. The startup’s Synse open source API makes data actionable within the network and data center. Earlier this year, Vapor IO raised $90 million in funding to help deploy its Kinetic Edge platform in the top 36 U.S. metro markets by the end of 2021.


Said Ouissal, CEO, Founde

Zededa provides centralized visibility, control and protection of the edge as a cloud-delivered service. The startup dubs itself as the leader in IoT edge orchestration by delivering visibility and security to distributed enterprises with the freedom of deploying and managing any app on any hardware and connecting to any cloud or on-premise systems. Zededa is accelerating the adoption of IoT and artificial intelligence with edge virtualization software that makes it easy to deploy applications at the edge.