ConnectWise IT Nation: 33 Products Bringing New Capabilities To MSPs

Services, Services, And More Services From IT Nation To MSPs

Last month's IT Nation conference was founded by ConnectWise to bring together the vendor's MSP community and a variety of vendors of services looking to work through ConnectWise's platform. But the IT Nation conference is more than one management platform developer's showcase of its own capabilities. Instead, it brings together a wide range of companies looking to sell its services to or through with wider MSP base.

Sure, the IT Nation exhibit pavilion had a lot of companies looking to work with MSPs via ConnectWise. But it also featured products and services that work with ConnectWise's competitors, and even offerings from one or two of those competitors.

Anyone interested in the MSP business, including those exploring adding managed services to their offerings, could find something they need at IT Nation.

They can also find something they need by clicking through this slide show.

Acronis Data Cloud-Native Integration With Autotask

The new Acronis Data Cloud integration with Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) software from Burlington, Mass.-based Acronis lets MSPs operate their own packaged data protection services directly from the Autotask console. The company said connecting to Autotask from the Acronis Data Cloud management console lets MSPs automate such tasks as creating tickets in Autotask based on the Acronis Data Cloud service alerts, provisioning and billing for data protection services, and setting quotas for customers in Acronis Data Cloud based on Autotask service plans​.

AlienVault USM Anywhere ConnectWise Edition

AlienVault, San Mateo, Calif., used IT Nation to unveil the integration of AlienVault USM Anywhere with ConnectWise Manage as a way to help ConnectWise technology solution providers add threat detection, incident response, and compliance management services to their offerings.

USM Anywhere is a unified security monitoring platform combining multiple security capabilities — asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and SIEM —t o deliver centralized threat detection, incident response, and compliance management for both cloud and on-premises environments. This edition of USM Anywhere is available only to ConnectWise TSP partners through a pay-per-month subscription fee.

Altaro VM Backup for MSPs

Malta-based Altaro used IT Nation to tout how it is backing up 100,000 virtual machines via the company's multi-tenant Cloud Management Console, which is part of Altaro VM Backup for MSPs. Altaro VM Backup for MSPs is a data protection service that eases the management and monitoring of customers’ virtual Hyper-V and VMware backups through the company's multitenant online console. Altaro's subscription-based MSP model allows customers to pay $5 per virtual machine on a per-month basis, and scale up and down as needed. Altaro also provides the remote access cloud management console.

AppRiver ConnectWise Manage Integration

AppRiver introduced a new streamlined tool it said eliminates the workload overlap between the Gulf Breeze, Fla.-based company's security and cybersecurity tools and the ConnectWise interface. Scheduled to be available early next year, the tool is slated to provide MSPs with automatic mapping between AppRiver customers and ConnectWise companies including automated support of pro-rated and subscription charges. The integration also provides detailed auditing information on billing-related events to help MSPs save time.

Barracuda MSP Managed NextGen Firewall

Barracuda MSP, the MSP-dedicated business unit of Chelmsford, Mass.-based Barracuda Networks, showed its Barracuda MSP Managed NextGen Firewall service it said lets MSPs deliver 24/7/365 security event management to customers without dedicated time or staff hours. In Security Operations Center (SOC) environments, Barracuda MSP’s Professional Services team provides a 24/7 human layer of protection and proactive threat remediation on top of firewall technology.

Barracuda MSP Managed NextGen Firewall lets service providers provide customers with advanced threat protection, traffic optimization, and intrusion detection and prevention with 24/7/365 monitoring and remediation, all without the need to re-allocate staff focused on other projects.

BitTitan MSPComplete

BitTitan, Bellevue, Wash., used IT Nation to show its newly updated MSPComplete platform the company said lets customers organize, optimize and automate IT service delivery. With MSPComplete, MSPs can centralize script storage in line with delivery documentation as tasks in Runbooks and create automated tasks with PowerShell scripts that can be configured to run in one click or automatically in the cloud through MSPComplete.

It also lets customers create and manage Runbooks by uploading existing service documentation, modifying existing templates from the MSPComplete Library, or by building Runbooks from scratch, and provides benchmarks for tracking task delivery time to learn where employee or service performance is strong or lacking and identify opportunities to improve SLA compliance.

ConnectBooster Integration With Great America

Fargo, N.D.-based ConnectBooster’s payment automation software, slated to be available early next year, directly integrates with Great America to help partners manage leasing workplace equipment to customers. In addition to handling autopay and invoicing, ConnectBooster tracks billing and payments between Great America, the MSP, and the client renting the equipment.

The integration provides automation of payment entries directly into accounting, handles payment transfers from Great America to the MSP's accounting system using ConnectBooster as a conduit, helps cut manual work, tracks clients' payment histories, and provides generation of invoicing.


Online billing portal specialist Datagate Innovation, Auckland, New Zealand, used IT Nation to launch a cloud service that lets ConnectWise MSPs resell services from any combination of telecommunication and utility service providers. The Datagate service gives MSPs pricing control, choice of vendors, and unified billing for their telecom business under their own brand name.

Datagate’s online billing portal plugs into the usage data feeds of telecommunication providers for managing the data aggregation, rating, billing and analysis of service usage. Datagate shares customer account details with ConnectWise Manage so MSPs can view their customers' Datagate-generated invoices from inside ConnectWise Manage.

Datto Integrations With ConnectWise

Just because Norwalk, Conn.-based Datto is merging with ConnectWise's biggest competitor, Autotask, didn't stop it from using IT Nation to unveil new planned integrations with ConnectWise for MSPs. The provider of data protection and networking services is now integrating its networking product line and the ConnectWise Automate remote monitoring and management tool. Datto took advantage of the ConnectWise REST API to also completely rebuild an integration with the ConnectWise Manage business management platform. Datto said MSPs using these new Datto ConnectWise integrations gain increased visibility into their customers’ data, improved productivity and better overall efficiency.

ESET Chrome Cleanup

ESET, the Bratislava, Slovakia-based security expert, has partnered with Google to launch Chrome Cleanup, a new scanner and cleaner aimed at helping users safely browse the web. With Chrome Cleanup, ESET has integrated its detection engine into Google’s Chrome Sandbox to help Chrome users running on Windows.

Chrome Cleanup alerts Google Chrome users to potential threats when it detects unwanted software. Chrome then offers the option to remove that software. Chrome Cleanup operates in the background, and notifies users after the cleanup has been successfully completed.

Green Cloud Partner Portal

Green Cloud Technologies, a Greenville, S.C.-based cloud service provider, used IT Nation to introduce a new partner portal to help MSPs and solution providers better integrate provisioning, management and reporting on Green Cloud services with their service delivery platforms. Green Cloud's new partner portal lets partners create quotes for services across Green Cloud’s six data centers and for virtual server, backup and disaster recovery portfolio. It provides partners with a historical ledger with detailed reporting on charges, credits, payments and overages with alerts and notifications about service and billing changes. Green Cloud also plans to offer new integrations that will let partners use the ConnectWise platform to provision products starting with Green Cloud’s Veeam-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Infogressive Master Managed Security Service Provider

Infogressive, a Lincoln, Neb.-based managed security service provider, introduced its formal Master MSSP channel strategy at IT Nation. The company built its comprehensive security platform to provide MSPs with access to a full suite of managed security services including perimeter security, email security, vulnerability monitoring and management, endpoint security, threat monitoring and management, and professional security services like penetration testing and risk assessments. The services are backed by the company's own 24x7 security operations center.

Infogressive recently hired Amy Luby, an MSP channel veteran, to formalize its Master MSSP strategy and drive continued expansion.

Invarosoft ITSupportPanel

Invarosoft used IT Nation to introduce a number of applications that give MSPs the opportunity to provide single-button support to customers using various devices, all featuring the MSP's own logo. The Sydney, Australia-based company said its white-label ITSupportPanel deploys across customers' Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices to help MSPs deliver a premium customer experience, increase profits, increase engineer productivity, and reduce inbound support calls. Rather than replacing the MSP's current services, ITSupportPanel is customized per client or per user to provide access to all the MSP's IT services from an IT Button on the desktop or mobile device. The app can be configured with the MSP's branding and buttons for logging tickets directly, contact information, feedback and URL links.

ISN-Partners eesyQ

eesyQ from Gloucestershire, U.K.-based ISN-Partners is a collaborative platform and asset management system that helps automate the communication about all the assets and services between an organization, its users and its suppliers. eesyQ integrates with suppliers' existing ticketing systems such as ConnectWise or Autotask to replace multiple phone numbers, email addresses, or portal with two-click communication. It also centralizes assets and supplier management communications into a single mobile app for end users. For service providers, eesyQ automates incoming calls via structured messaging in the ticketing system to help reduce call center costs.

IT By Design ConnectWise Automate Admin

The Automate Admin offering from Jersey City, N.J.-based IT By Design works in conjunction with the ConnectWise Automate platform to provide access to engineers who can help troubleshoot and manage the Automate RMM tool while simultaneously work on and complete tickets. Automate Admin has two main elements.

The Professional Services offering helps partners with strategic development planning and overseeing designs and implementations in ConnectWise Automate on a project basis. MSPs can use it to automate configurations related to building processes and workflow baselines, creating and designing alert templates, refining monitors, setting up patch schedules, and expediting on-boarding. The Staffing offering provides remote staffing for all client-required IT services while supporting their Automate RMM tool.

itopia cloud IT management portal for Google Cloud Platform

Miami-based itopia automates the discovery, migration, and management of cloud workspace deployments into Google Cloud and helps service providers deliver single-tenant virtual desktop environments. itopia also integrates with ZenDesk, Slack, ConnectWise and other service provider and business applications. For ConnectWise partners, itopia integrates ConnectWise Manage business management platform into its cloud IT management portal for Google Cloud Platform. The company said the result is easier support for MSPs by synchronizing accounts, ticketing, and billing transactions between ConnectWise Manage and itopia.

OnPage + ConnectWise 3.0 Integration

OnPage provides an incident alert management platform for IT solution providers to turn ConnectWise Manage tickets generated from PSAs and RMMs into actionable alerts. The Waltham, Mass.-based company used IT Nation to introduce such functionality as embracing real-time ticket status updates, allow tickets to be updated from the OnPage app, include stakeholder email communications in the ticket, and add voicemail transcriptions to the ticket. These enhancements are aimed at making it easier for solution providers to better manage after-hours schedules and automated alert escalations while driving new revenue streams around after-hours services, disaster communications planning, and managing SLAs.

OS33 Workplace Provider Program

New York-based OS33 is addressing concerns about cyberthreats and regulations with its introduction of its Workplace Provider Program aimed at helping MSPs sell and deliver its Workplace platform to customers in highly regulated industries. Workplace gives MSPs a comprehensive cloud suite for security-conscious clients, which aggregates a company's entire IT infrastructure, including all apps, data and documents, into a single secure digital hub that can be fully controlled and safely accessed from any customer-approved mobile device. It includes such security and compliance features as multifactor authentication, hot/hot disaster recovery, seven-year file retention, secure web browsing with web filtering, endpoint device validation and audit tracking.

Pax8-ConnectWise Integration

Pax8, the Denver-based distributor of cloud services to MSPs, used IT Nation to show new integrations between its services and the ConnectWise platform. These new integrations include the ability to add vendor licenses, support for billing and provision of consumption-based products such as Azure and ProfitBricks, and threshold management capabilities and predictive consumption for Ifrastructure-as-a-Service products. This lets MSPs manage such capabilities via the ConnectWise Manage portal.

PC Matic Pro Server Security

PC Matic Pro used IT Nation to show off its recently introduced PC Matic Pro Server Security offering that uses a globally automated application whitelist technology as its primary method of malware detection. The Sioux City, Iowa-based company said its default-deny approach proactively stops the execution of cyberthreats including ransomware and fileless malware.

PC Matic Pro Server Security also includes device control that allows users to disable removable storage capabilities to lower the risk of malware threats of data theft through external storage devices. It provides server alerts to notify if a server is taken offline for any reason. Authorized users can disable notifications if needed for scheduled maintenance.

RapidFire Tools Detector SDS 2.0

Atlanta-based RapidFire Tools upgraded its Detector SDS, an IT assessment system that lets MSPs roll- ut a range of high-value, automated and branded internal IT security services across all their clients. Detector SDS lets MSPs define a multilevel service offering for clients, manage and organize tasks, automate workflows, and prioritize and route threat alerts, all via a single hosted interface.

Enhancements in Detector SDS 2.0 include a new "bronze level" service tier to make the program available to a wider range of MSPs, built-in response plan recommendations with a remediation strategy for MSPs to help generate new opportunities, increased workflow options for threat alerts, and an upgraded cloud-based management portal.

Rubrik Alta 4.1

Rubrik Alta is a cloud data management offering that delivers instant application availability, including backup and disaster recovery, across a multi-cloud environment. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company's Alta 4.1 completes support for all major cloud providers with its new Google Cloud Platform integration while broadening support for AWS and Microsoft Azure. Alta 4.1 introduces support for Microsoft Azure Stack and CloudOn for Microsoft Azure to recover and instantiate apps in the cloud. Also new is enterprise data management for all Microsoft enterprise applications, integration with all public cloud environments, support for all AWS government cloud offerings, and multitenant support.

SkyKick Cloud Management Platform

Seattle-based SkyKick used IT Nation to show off upgrades to the SkyKick Office 365 Migration Suite and SkyKick Cloud Backup offerings to provide visibility, control and flexibility for MSPs. The new SkyKick Migration Suite provides increased control and visibility into active Office 365 email migrations to help MSPs cut the time needed on migration projects. SkyKick’s Cloud Backup upgrades increases MSPs' flexibility and control when protecting customers' Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive data while providing them with new data protection options. A new migration dashboard features more information about device status and action progress, the ability for users to more easily focus on issues requiring immediate attention, more control of troubleshooting and bulk actions across multiple mailboxes or devices, and new data protection capabilities.

Soliton SecureShield

Soliton SecureShield, introduced just before IT Nation by Long Beach, Calif.-based Soliton Cyber & Analytics, integrates cloud apps management with encrypted and authenticated browser-based connection and endpoint security to protect end-user devices from web-borne attacks, help prevent data leakage, and provide transparency for users and control for IT.

SecureShield creates an isolated ’virtual container’ that extends the cloud workplace into any local device to provide access to cloud resources. The virtual workspace prohibits cut, paste, copy, print and data transfer to the local environment and prohibits the sharing of data to local area apps. All active content is executed in the virtual container and is eliminated with the container when the user closes the browser.

Sophos XG Firewall 17

Burlington, Mass.-based Sophos in October released the latest version of its next-generation Sophos XG Firewall, a new offering focused on network traffic visibility. XG Firewall uses the company's Synchronized App Control to obtain information from endpoints to identify, classify and allow the control of previously unknown applications active on the network, such as those that don’t have signatures or are using generic HTTP or HTTPS connections. Synchronized App Control automatically associates discovered applications with appropriate categories where possible to let administrators assign unknown apps to categories that will block or prioritize them as needed. Sophos XG Firewall is available for on-premises and cloud deployment, on all the major virtualization platforms as well as through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Storage Guardian Fast Failover

Fast Failover from Toronto-based Storage Guardian allows businesses to fail over their entire network to a secure data center in the event of a disaster. Once this service is set up, applications and data can be backed up using customers' existing data protection platform such as Veeam or Asigra. In a disaster, the failover is initiated by dialing into a 24x7 hotline and entering a secret PIN. Fast Failover can perform the entire workflow to spin up all apps and data to standby machines in a secure data center. The service then sends VPN links to staff to help them connect to the new hardware. Storage Guardian works with MSPs to resell this service.

StorageCraft Instant Recovery

StorageCraft Instant Recovery integrates multiple products from Draper, Utah-based StorageCraft including StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX, OneBlox 5210 and StorageCraft Cloud Services to provide instantaneous recovery capabilities. StorageCraft Instant Recovery offers accelerated data recovery across virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures, along with restoration of hypervisor environments at scale and restoration of an entire infrastructure using StorageCraft Cloud Services in case of a sitewide disaster. The offering also quickly recovers a virtual machine of any size.

StorageCraft Instant Recovery takes advantage of StorageCraft's acquisition of Exablox to work across both primary and secondary storage to help MSPs reduce the cost and complexity of protecting data on a large scale. It includes guaranteed recovery, and is covered by StorageCraft’s recently introduced $100,000 guarantee.


Teamatics is a workforce planning and talent management platform that provides business leaders with tools to help identify and address current and expected skill set gaps. The Redmond, Wash.-based company's offering helps businesses identify their strategic competencies and skill requirements and then measures those across all team members. Teamatics uses objective data to close existing skill gaps while helping build skill sets to meet future requirements and help accelerate the development of team members. Teamatics integrates with other platforms such as BambooHR and ConnectWise. For ConnectWise, it uses member data as the source of employee data in Teamatics and then pushes all skill data from Teamatics back into the ConnectWise Manage PSA platform to enable skill-based routing.

The Email Laundry Impersonation Detection

The Email Laundry’s impersonation detection uses a combination of key indicators, machine learning, and cyberthreat intelligence to detect and block malware-less attacks from ever-changing social engineering attacks before they reach a user’s inbox. The Kildare, Ireland-based company's machine-learning systems and threat intelligence feeds recognize patterns and make predictions about whether an email is dangerous at the connection level. At the content level, a variety of filters evaluate the header, body, links and attachments for malicious intent. Another filter scans URLs and links for newly registered domains to help catch the first email of an attack. Other filters analyze display names and reply-to addresses to compare them to internal personnel to stop spoofed emails originating from external sources.

Third Wall V2

Largo, Fla.-based Third Wall brings technology to enforce cybersecurity policies via a ConnectWise Automate plugin to help MSPs lock down their environments. Version 2 offers almost 60 different policies that can be activated and monitored, and assigns them across an Automate location, a specific client, or all clients. Users are monitored for unauthorized changes every five minutes, and are sent a ticket and automatically fixed if a violation is found. Exceptions can be made to any policy on any computer.

Third Wall helps prevent malware or ransomware attacks and data theft. It also provides reports on user usage and on audits of which policies were activated.

Veeam Availability Console

The Veeam Availability Console is a free, cloud-enabled platform from Baar, Switzerland-based Veeam that is purpose-built for cloud service providers delivering Veeam-powered Availability services to their customers. as well as for Veeam reseller partners looking to launch a managed backup service business.

Veeam Availability Console delivers everything a cloud service provider needs to deploy, manage and monitor Veeam-powered Availability services no matter where the protected workloads are hosted. Veeam’s partners add value by provisioning, managing and monitoring their customers’ virtual, physical and cloud-based Veeam Availability services, and can generate new revenue streams by offering a fully managed backup or disaster recovery service together with their traditional business lines.

Vipre Endpoint Security Cloud Edition

Vipre Security, Clearwater, Fla., recently introduced Vipre Endpoint Security Cloud Edition, the first in a series of offerings aimed at bringing the full Vipre portfolio to the cloud to be delivered as services. Vipre Cloud uses machine learning to help protect users from ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing, exploit kits, mobile threats, malware and other threats that may evade traditional signature-based anti-virus technologies. Vipre Cloud is mobile-friendly, providing a clean user experience for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

Vipre Security, an Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services, developed Vipre Cloud to include dynamic dashboards, complete with interactive visualization and timeline views to provide immediate threat detection, analysis and remediation for active protection, simplified administration, and server-to-cloud migration capabilities.

Webroot Security Awareness Training

Webroot Security Awareness Training is a Software-as-a-Service offering that creates a five-step setup wizard to guide administrators through the process of creating a training campaign. It integrates into the Broomfield, Colo.-based company's existing web-based Global Site Manager (GSM), which is the same console used to administer Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection and DNS Protection. That integration helps make Security Awareness Training easy to deploy and manage while letting administrators access and manage a variety of Webroot protection offerings from one cloud-based location. Security Awareness Training lets businesses quickly name a campaign, select the desired recipients, create and select a training email template, choose the training module, and launch.