Big City Of Dreams: 25 Scenes From Interop NY 2010

New York, New York!

With more than 7,000 registered attendees and more than 150 exhibitors, Interop New York 2010 took over the Jacob Javits Center this week to showcase everything there is to know about networking, cloud computing, the data center and all points in between.

With appearances from marquee vendors to small startups, Interop showcased all things tech. There was a lot going on and just a short time to see everything. So in case you missed it: Here are 25 scenes from Interop NY 2010.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Interop attendees await the opening of the show floor to check out the latest and greatest wares from more than 150 vendors. This year's showcase also featured a Cloud Computing Zone and a Security Zone, showing where Interopers have the most interest.

Photo courtesy of Interop.

Open The Floodgates

Interop attendees pour into the expo show floor in this view from above.

Photo courtesy of Interop.

Cisco In The House

Cisco Vice President of Data Center and Virtualization Ben Gibson took to the Interop keynote stage to discuss how a best-of-breed ecosystem approach to IT lies ahead.

Photo courtesy of Interop.

Prepare For Takeoff

At its booth on the Interop show floor, NetOptics showed off its network access and monitoring solutions. NetOptics representatives donned flight crew gear as they took to the networking skies.

Duck And Cover

It may not be the end of the world, but ARIN (The American Registry for Internet Numbers) was stern in its warning that Interop attendees better get ready for the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 as the new internet protocol takes hold.

IPv6 Or Bust

Already using IPv6 or gear that can support it? Slap this bad boy on your car to let everyone know you've been there, done that. Won't it look nice next to that MV (Martha's Vineyard) decal from last summer?

It's T-Shirt Time!

Monitoring, reporting and analysis vendor Splunk got a little tongue-in-cheek with its T-shirts for Interop attendees this year.

Kickin' It Old School

This attendee went vintage Interop donning this I (Heart) Interop shirt from 2006. It may be only four years old, but in the land of technology that could very well be a century.

High Five For Wi-Fi

Xirrus CEO and Founder Dirk Gates took to the Interop stage to talk about how wireless and mobility are changing the face of enterprise IT.

Photo courtesy of Interop.

In The NOC

A view of the crew inside the Interop Network Operations Center (NOC) the technology heart for all of Interop.

Photo courtesy of Interop.


Inside the Interop NOC was this massive hard drive that can store 30 terabytes of data.

Photo courtesy of Interop.

Looking Ahead

HP's mission at Interop? Showing IT pros how to future-proof their network and data centers and embrace new and converged technologies.

Seeing Red

Security vendor WatchGuard Technologies sees red when it comes to security threats, spam and viruses. At Interop NY WatchGuard displayed its security appliances, all of which have a nice rosy hue.


And what security booth would be complete without an actual can of Spam? Well, all of them, probably, but WatchGuard didn't let that stop them from displaying a can of the famous food.

Tuning In

Look at all of these receivers on display on the Interop show floor. I bet we could communicate with aliens.


Dell sweetened the pot, offering show goers mini bags of M&Ms in Dell's traditional blue and white.

Red Hat Takes The Stage

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst told the Interop crowd how the software landscape is changing and the old model just won't work anymore.

Photo courtesy of Interop.


Keeping with its airborne theme, NetOptics had flight attendants handing out light-up pins to Interopers.

Is That A VAR?

Networking solution provider CXtec was on hand at Interop showcasing its networking and voice solutions.

Prepare To Launch

Xirrus wireless offered attendees a chance to win prizes by shooting a small rocket through the target. Winners were few and far between.

Where's Waldo?

Videoconferencing and telepresence are still huge draws for the Interop crowd. Here is a system from LifeSize. Can you spot the CRN editor taking the photo?

In Plain VU

VU also showcased its videoconferencing technologies at Interop, setting up an impromptu meeting station.


FaceVision showcased its line of videoconferencing cameras, all of which are small enough to attach to a laptop for on the fly video calls.

We Have A Winner

The stakes weren't very high, but Force10 gave attendees a chance to win prizes with a spin of the wheel.

Blast Off!

The centerpiece of the Interop show floor was the Porthos 2 rocket. At 12 inches in diameter and 19-feet long, the Porthos 2, which was on display at Xirrus' booth, clocks in at 280 pounds without its motors and 680 pounds with them. Boom!