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The 10 Coolest Cloud Security Tools Of 2021

Michael Novinson

The 10 coolest cloud security tools to hit the market in 2021 can block reverse shell attempts and cryptomining, help developers spot open S3 buckets, and protect workloads and applications hosted in public clouds.

Zscaler Workload Communications

Zscaler Workload Communications debuted in December to eliminate attack surfaces, prevent lateral threat movement, inhibit compromise of workloads, and stop data loss by extending zero trust security to workloads and applications hosted in public clouds. It also boosts multi-cloud workload connectivity by moving away from traditional IP-based routing and VPNs between cloud environments, Zscaler said.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company said the industry’s first zero trust for cloud workloads tool secures cloud-to-internet, cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-data center, and intra-cloud communications. Acting as an intelligent switchboard, traffic is routed to the Zscaler platform where connections are brokered using business policies based on identity and context to connect workloads directly to other workloads.

Zscaler said its approach eliminates the attack surface by making workloads invisible to the internet, simplifies application connectivity by removing networking bottlenecks, and delivers strong application performance by reducing app-to-app latency. Zscaler said its new offering allows enterprises to secure all workload communications over any network, including internet, direct connect, and express route.

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