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The 10 Hottest New Cybersecurity Products Of 2020

Michael Novinson

The 10 cybersecurity products making noise in the market have emphasized workflow automation, downtime minimization and incident remediation to better safeguard endpoints, mobile devices, OT environments and containers.

Tanium Risk

Tanium Risk was announced in November to give customers insight into how their endpoints are operating by providing them with a score that contextualizes how secure the company’s IT assets are. The tool will allow organizations to adjust their risk score by noting issues they don’t feel are worth the cost of remediating such as vulnerabilities behind a patched firewall.

Tanium has unique insight into everything that’s happening on the endpoint such as how many unpatched assets exist and where vulnerabilities are. Businesses have often overlooked unmanaged machines such as IoT devices – which can compromise 15-to-20 percent of all IT assets – since they’re not under the purview of patch management tools, which Tanium said introduces risk.

Down the road, Tanium hopes to be able to compare an organization’s risk score with that of peers who have a similar vertical focus or company size. The risk score has key metrics across operational, security and regulatory domains to assess business continuity, and also examines endpoint configuration and vulnerabilities as well as the mapping of technical controls to desired cybersecurity frameworks.


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