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The 10 Hottest New Cybersecurity Products Of 2020

Michael Novinson

The 10 cybersecurity products making noise in the market have emphasized workflow automation, downtime minimization and incident remediation to better safeguard endpoints, mobile devices, OT environments and containers.

McAfee MVision XDR

McAfee MVision XDR was unveiled in October and offers cloud-based advanced threat management with coverage across the attack lifecycle, prioritization to protect what matters, easy orchestration and efficient response. MVISION XDR improves security operations centers’ effectiveness with quick risk mitigation and delivers total cost of ownership for threat response with proactive threat analytics.

The product helps organizations proactively act on external threats that matter by allowing them to prioritize threats, predict if countermeasures will work and prescribe corrective actions. MVision XDR’s unified visibility and control across the endpoint, network and cloud makes it possible for analysts of any experience level to speed threat triage with their choice of automatic or AI-guided investigations.

MVision XDR’s unique data awareness allows for automatic prioritization of threats based on the risk and impact to the organization, with incidents assessed based on user, data classification, device, vulnerability and threat intelligence. The open and cloud-delivered security platform also simplifies integrations with external threat intelligence as well as existing SOC tools like ticketing systems.

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