10 Wild And Awesome Scenes From Dell Technologies World 2019

From a miniature Fenway Park to Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 shoes, here are 10 images from Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas that you need to see.


Fun Times At Dell Technologies World 2019

There was no shortage of breathtaking scenes and exciting attractions at Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas this week inside the Village expo center where customers and partners could venture during the day to have some fun.

From sports celebrities to a massive free-for-all Esports Arena video game fest, more than 14,000 attendees could be seen walking throughout the expo center to get some free merchandise, food and drink, receive hands-on training, relaxation or to get the blood flowing. It also featured brand new products on display including VMware Cloud on Dell EMC as well as important ways Dell Technologies is helping to make a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Here are 10 wild and awesome scenes from Dell Technologies World 2019.

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Fenway Park

A miniature version of Fenway Park, home to the 2018 World Champions Boston Red Sox, was set up inside the Village where attendees could test out their pitching arm. Red Sox legend and Hall of Famer Fred Lynn was on hand to take pictures while people could also try on Red Sox World Series championship rings from 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018. As of Wednesday, the highest pitching speed clocked in at 72 MPH.

Dell Technologies plays a major role in the fan experience at historic Fenway Park in Boston. Dell products leveraged inside the stadium include Data Domain, XtremIO, Unity and Isilon. The infrastructure giant also provides data analytics for the Red Sox pitching staff.

Alienware Esports Arena

Alienware, which is owned by Dell, hosted a massive Esports Arena video game showcase where anyone could come and play different games in a competitive atmosphere. The arena features a pair of on-site live commentators who hyped up the gaming action with attendees consistently streaming in and out of multiple game stations. Dell also featured Alienware Academy sessions in which professional esports players from Team Rogue turn the arena into a battle royal workshop, designed to teach guests the tips and strategies to improve their own skills.

Shaq Shoes At Basketball Hall Of Fame

Dell Technologies World attendees could hold NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 sneakers. O’Neal’s shoes and other rare basketball paraphernalia were located at a miniature Basketball Hall of Fame area. Former NBA players taking pictures and shaking hands on-site included Rick Barry and Ralph Sampson. The Hall of Fame also featured a real-size basketball hoop and free-throw line where attendees tried to make as many free throws as possible in 30 seconds to win various prizes.

Dell Technologies is playing a major role in the $23 million renovation project currently underway at the real Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., by helping to enhance and transform the fan experience inside by providing storage and computing solutions.

Cleaning Up Plastics From Ocean

To help drive recycling and the massive cleanup of plastics in oceans, Dell Technologies has partnered with non-profit NextWave to create an economy out of these hazardous plastics. Dell is playing a key role in developing the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chain by developing products and leveraging its solutions to demonstrate the viability of integrating ocean plastics found in areas like Indonesia, Chile and the Philippines into their supply chains. For example, Dell currently wraps and ships its XPS products lines using plastics collected from the ocean. The $91 billion company is trying to make oceans cleaner through economic incentives for people to not create trash and recycle more. Dell highlighted this by having arguably its largest expo area in the Village dedicated to this cause, which included a giant sea turtle with a stomach full of plastics.

3D Printing Of Prosthetic Arm

On stage at Dell Technologies World, executives explained how Dell created a prosthetic arm for seven-year-old Phoebe Dyer, who is the daughter of Dell employee Keith Dyer, after learning that she lost an arm due to dymelia. Dell has partnered with Deloitte and eNABLE, an organization that focuses on providing prosthetics, to create prosthetic arms for young children in need. Inside the Village, Dell and eNABLE were actually building a new prosthetic arm on-site leveraging Dell Precision laptops. The 3D construction of the prosthetic arm contained around 35 parts and takes around 9 hours to build followed by a few hours of assembly.

Classic And Next-Level Gaming

Attendees were treated to a slew of on-site gaming options from new high-tech race car driving to classic arcade games like Skee-Ball and Golden Tee Golf. One of the most popular games, with many people waiting in line to play, was Space Invaders. Fun games and activities were scattered throughout the Village with little or no wait times to jump in.

Motherboard Wings

These giant wings were constructed out of recycled motherboard parts. Dell has met and surpassed its goal of collecting an astounding 2 billion pounds of used electronics by 2020. In 2014, the company began a closed-loop recycling process using the plastics from systems collected through Dell Reconnect and ARR to make plastics for new Dell computers. Dell said it will use 100 million pounds of recycled-content metals, plastics and sustainable materials to create a variety of Dell products.

VR Galore

What would a modern technology event be in 2019 without some virtual reality? However, Dell Technologies World had around 10 virtual reality stations throughout the sprawling Village arena. One popular game in particular was Fruit Ninja VR (as seen in image above) where players held two controllers and tried to chop as many pieces of fruit in half as possible.

Giant Beanbags

Technology conferences can sometimes be exhausting. To allow attendees to kick back and relax, Dell laid out more than 100 giant beanbags in front of huge screens that played live sessions and keynotes during the conference. Dozens of people could be seen working, relaxing or even sleeping on these beanbags throughout the four day long conference.

VMware Cloud On Dell EMC

A centerpiece of the Dell Technologies showcase floor at the Village was the company’s new VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Attendees could touch and feel the new solution as well as receive information from Dell experts on-site. The new Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service is a consumption-based management service for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC infrastructure. The tightly VMware-Dell integrated offering including VMware Cloud Foundation, the VMware Cloud stack and VxRail, which is Dell EMC and VMware’s market leading hyper-converged infrastructure solution. The offering delivers public cloud agility and simplicity to on-premise workloads fully managed by Dell Technologies which can be sold by channel partners. The new cloud service stemmed from Project Dimension, which extended VMware Cloud to deliver Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) infrastructure and hardware as a service to the on-premises world alongside Dell with built-in technologies including vSAN and SAN SD-WAN by VeloCloud. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC also offers a bi-directional connection to public clouds for application and data portability via a hybrid cloud control plane.