Michael Dell’s 5 Biggest Statements At Dell Technologies World

‘At the core, we’re combining the innovations of Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal, to create a developer friendly, highly-automated, intelligent and efficient cloud architecture,’ says Dell Technologies CEO and founder Michael Dell on stage at Dell Technologies World 2019.


‘Dell Technologies Is Truly Better Together’

Dell Technologies CEO and founder Michael Dell was bullish about his company’s future as he took the stage at Dell Technologies World 2019 in front of more than 14,000 partners and customers.

“We’re growing. We’re gaining share. We’ve invested more than $20 billion in R&D in the last five years. We’re paying down debt and we’re integrating and innovating across our family of business like never before,” said Dell during his keynote address Monday afternoon.

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Dell’s longtime leader spoke about the $91 billion company’s new breakthrough Dell Technologies Cloud, tighter integrations with VMware, new Microsoft Azure partnership and how “Dell Technologies is truly better together.” CRN breaks down the five boldest statements Michael Dell made in his keynote at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas.

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Creating A ‘Developer Friendly, Highly-Automated, Intelligent And Efficient Cloud Architecture’

At the core, we’re combining the innovations of Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal to create a developer friendly, highly-automated, intelligent and efficient cloud architecture. VMware brings the power of virtualizing all your infrastructure, including the network, and delivering a software-defined future from the edge to the core to multi-cloud. We’re partnering with all of the public clouds. We’re also fully embracing Kubernetes. This is important because application, data and workloads must move back and forward dynamically in an increasingly distributed network, including the explosion in the edge and the Internet of Things. Performance, security, latency, regulations, costs will demand this ability to move back and forth. Pivotal is fast becoming the leading platform for developing applications in this multi-cloud world. Boomi is leading with cloud data integration.

‘Embracing As-A-Service From The PC To The Data Center And Beyond’

We are embracing as-a-service from the PC to the data center and beyond, allowing you to redeploy your resources from administration to innovation. Dell Technologies’ is truly better together. Dell and [VMware] are deeply integrating our capabilities into a fabric that spans your entire environment. We are announcing the Dell Technologies Cloud and a platform for the future of AI-enabled technology. … I love the collaboration [between Dell and VMware]. It really spans the breadth of what Dell Technologies is capability of and the power of what we make possible and what all of our customers make possible. We’ve been talking a lot about multi-cloud and hearing about the choice and flexibility. One of the great aspects of our much larger industry now, is all the distributed innovation that occurs and how we can enable interoperability among the leading companies. This is even more important with the accelerated pace of innovation and change at the edge, across application and in the cloud.

SecureWorks ‘Truly Amazing’ New Red Cloak

We integrate security deeply at every step -- from our supply chain to the security that’s embedded deep inside our products to the network and application layer into the heart of our customers operations with SecureWorks and RSA. We know how to keep the bad guys out. I’m super excited that SecureWorks is launching the Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response capability that brings software-as-a-service to cybersecurity. It’s 20 years of threat detection and response expertise expressed as AI-enabling software-as-a-service – fully automated. It’s truly amazing what the SecureWorks team has done.

‘Data Is Our Greatest Asset’

There is an explosion and tsunami of data that’s sweeping us into this data age. Data is our greatest asset and it’s also our most important resource. Data is unlike any other resource because it’s not only completely renewable, it’s also inexhaustible and we just keep making more and more of it faster and faster. This data is the basis of the digital universe that we’re all creating. Turning that data into action and progress and outcomes and success, is the heart of the digital transformation. We now have more powerful tools than ever before. The combination of awesome advancements in computing power, advanced computer science with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – and now we have highly automated infrastructures. Then we add 5G and a revolution is taking place. 5G is all about moving data faster, moving it exponentially faster. … The amount of data produced is enormous and instant response time is really required and local AI is required. That means a massive buildout of highly distribute AI-enabled infrastructure at the edge.

Dell On New Microsoft Azure Partnership

VMware has an incredible install base and it’s growing with great momentum for the complete on-premise solution, the virtualization of the compute, the storage and the network, and now being able to bring that VMware Cloud Foundation into Azure. Customers are quite excited about that. As we were planning this, there was lots of demand for this. It’s great to see this solution now coming to market this year. … We put customers at the center of everything we do. We hear you. You want choice and flexibility. You want multi-cloud made easy. As you can see, we’re innovating a whole new level of cloud agnostic interoperability for your workloads. It’s a new level of automation and simplicity that can unlock the power of your data and drive your business into the future. When it comes to using data to build a better world: it’s a cleaner, more efficient, more productive, a more hopeful and a more humane world. We’re working across the industry ecosystem to solve your challenges because when we realize the possibilities ahead.