The Channel Angle

The Channel Angle is a monthly CRN guest column written by an executive that will focus on the triumphs and challenges that solution providers face. If you are a solution provider executive interested in contributing, please contact managing editor David Harris.

IT Service Provider, MSP Or MSSP? Who Am I?
‘As managed services continues to evolve, a new breed of MSP is on the horizon,’ writes Balancelogic CEO Bill Campbell.

7 Reasons To Think Outside The Large Global System Integrator Box
‘The last decade of cloud adoption has triggered an IT arms race amongst organizations,’ writes Eamonn O‘Neill of Lemongrass.

Here’s How To Vet Potential Vendors To Reduce Your Overall Risk
‘It is helpful for you to identify what your tolerance for risk is, as each vendor or associated product will have risk associated with them,’ writes Dawn R. Sizer of 3rd Element Consulting.

Why The Right Cybersecurity Stack Can Prevent Killware
‘A person or bot cannot gain unauthorized access of a system if security is properly implemented and accurately enforced,’ writes Guillermo Vargas, CEO of IT consulting company WeCcode.

How To Capitalize On Microsoft SharePoint’s Hot Growth
‘Since the pandemic and the shift to more remote work, having all your files locked up in the office on a server can be very limiting and really hurt employee productivity,’ writes Neal Juern of San Antonio, Texas-based Juern Technology.

Determining The Value And ROI Of Cloud Automation
‘In the new world, companies can set up a cloud footprint using automation to reduce human error, make it quick and easy to create new environments, document the setup in the case of employee turnover, and do more with fewer engineers,’ writes Mark McCoy of Chicago-based Asperitas Consulting.

A Holistic Approach To User Enablement
EPAM Systems’ Keth Crotty explains why a unified content strategy can foster long-term relationships with partners and customers.

How Cybersecurity Changed Through The Pandemic
‘I’ve never been convinced there’s been much of an actual perimeter, but it’s clear that the pandemic has further eroded what’s left. Employees work from anywhere and BYOD is often not controlled by the organization,’ writes EVOTEK’s Cesar Enciso.

Here’s How To Aim For More Diversity And Inclusion In 2022
‘The channel needs to support more inclusive organizations, where people can work together effectively without fear or being uncomfortable because of who they are,’ says BlackHawk Data CEO Maryann Pagano.

Tips to Accelerate Data-Driven Insights and Boost Business Intelligence
‘Using data resources effectively allows organizations to align services or products directly with customer feedback, increase business intelligence maturity, and forecast future trends,’ writes Synoptek’s Debbie Zelten in The Channel Angle.

Time To Prioritize Diversity In The MSP Space
‘MSPs of all sizes hire fast to ensure that a talented candidate isn’t taken by another company, or at worse, a competitor. We think that the Friday afternoon beer parties, ping pong tables or the once-a-year whitewater rafting trip builds culture and keeps employees around and engaged. That can’t be further from the truth,’ writes Tuan Pham of Tech Networks of Boston.

How Company Culture Creates Agility
‘As MSPs, we are problem solvers,’ writes Logicalis U.S. CEO Jon Groves. ‘Customers turn to us to help them meet their IT and business needs, and they expect that we’ll know how to sidestep that landmine and when to make a quick pivot.’

Weighing The Risk Of Remote Monitoring and Management After The Kaseya Attack
‘Cybersecurity is table stakes for any company today, but MSPs, who provide IT and security services to many companies at once, serve as a critical leverage point for managing or amplifying risk,’ writes Ryan Heidorn, co-founder and managing director at IT services provider Steel Root.

COVID-19 Is A Reminder That Disaster Recovery Tech Is Here To Stay
‘The global impact that 2020 created will not soon be forgotten, but what we need to remember is that the lessons learned can serve as a launching pad for the next evolution of technology in cohesion with productivity,’ writes Tanaz Choudhury, president of Tanches Global Management Inc., a Houston-based IT solutions provider.

4 Ways ITSM Partners Can Aid Digital Transformation
‘IT is no longer just a service-and-support function. It has become a strategic partner and priority across the overall business,’ writes Thirdera CEO Jason Wojahn.

How To Achieve Omni-Channel Success by Harmonizing Vendor Solutions
Kelly Nuckolls of InfoSystems writes that shifting our own mindsets internally is just one way to ‘harmonize solutions in a way that benefits customers and vendors alike.’

On Family Bonding, The Power Of Diversity And Healing In A Challenging Year
‘I hope we can all find our own silly dance party that makes us realize technology and diversity are powerful tools that tie us all together for a common good,’ PKA Technologies’ Felise Katz writes.

The Top Enterprise IT Trends To Watch In 2021
Mir Ali, field chief technology officer at 2nd Watch, says 2021 will be a year of re-invention for most companies.

Here Are Eight Things Companies Can Do To Thrive During Challenging Times
How can a company actually grow and achieve success during an extremely challenging time? Cesar Enciso, founder of San Diego-based solution provider EVOTEK, offers the lessons he’s learned and how your company can adapt and shine, despite earth-shattering change.