The Partnership Difference: A Partner Program That’s Effortless

As solution providers navigate the complexities of finding the right vendor partner, AT&T is making it easier for partners to do business with flexible revenue models, a more streamlined partner program and greater access to the AT&T portfolio.

Solution providers like you have an important decision to make, as telecom providers compete for your business. You want to partner with a vendor who not only offers brand recognition but also a diverse portfolio, 24/7 support and recurring revenue models on a network you can trust.

Solution provider Firefly Telecom Consulting looks for channel friendly partners with the most products that appeal to its partner base. “The AT&T portfolio is really strong [and] able to sell across multiple platforms, whether it’s wireline, security, mobility,” says Aaron Nowaczyk, director of sales at Firefly Telecom Consulting. “No other carrier or partner is going to have that big of a portfolio and be able to solve so many different customer issues.”

AT&T has aligned its partner program by combining three separate channel models: AT&T Partner Exchange®, ACC Business and AT&T Alliance Channel™. The transformed partner program gives VARs, solution providers and telecom partners more access to AT&T’s robust portfolio of products and services, including fiber expansion, IoT, 5G and cybersecurity. “AT&T will find a solution, or they’ll customize a solution specifically for a customer, and that’s really cool, versus some of the other carriers that I work with, it’s a cookie-cutter solution,” says Keenon Dixon, chief operations officer of Go Technology Management.

AT&T has evolved its compensation model to allow its Alliance Channel partners to earn monthly recurring revenue. Onboarding new customers is easier and faster, thanks to refined contracts and direct pre- and post-sales support from AT&T. Plus, the billing process is now simplified to be more manageable and accessible online. “It’s all about the brand, the support, the solution that we can offer your business to partner with your core competency and truly create value for your customers,” says Russ Kane, director of Southeast Alliance Channel for AT&T.

Whether you want to work independently or co-sell with AT&T, you’re in control with full support—from kickoff to close.

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