The Partnership Difference: Something for Everyone Cybersecurity Solutions

AT&T offers a broad set of cybersecurity solutions with a strong reputation that may make you a more attractive option to SMBs.

The continued network evolution, including growth in IoT and the cloud, has contributed to an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. This has made one solution even more crucial to your business, and it might make you a more attractive option to SMBs.

“Everything about a person is on the internet,” says Keenon Dixon, COO of Go Technology Management, on the risks the internet invites. “If it’s easy to find, then it’s going to be easy to manipulate, and if it’s not secure, what does that mean?” Dixon says his customers are unsure exactly what cybersecurity solutions they need, but they do know it’s imperative to protect their business. “When it comes to a complete and total solution, AT&T can offer it.”

AT&T offers a broad set of cybersecurity solutions, including threat detection, protection and incident response solutions for endpoint, network or cloud. “There’s a large backbone behind the product itself,” says Michelle Sorensen, founder and general manager of StacyTech. “It’s been well developed, and [with] the continuous support that they offer, you’ll be able to give the customer the confidence that it will be able to work for them.” Combine that with the simplicity of monitoring your customer’s security environment from a single pane of glass, and the remote management capabilities of the unified software-defined Alienvault USM Anywhere platform.

The Alienvault USM Anywhere platform’s SaaS-based approach also helps you gain access to unrivaled threat intelligence, streamline your operations and avoid the complexity of training your staff on several different solutions from multiple vendors.

The AT&T Cybersecurity Partner Program includes training, marketing assistance and the Alienvault USM license. A single solution with the support you need to get started quickly.

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