United Partner Experience: Catching Threats Before They Become Reality

A lack of in-house cybersecurity experts magnifies the problem with more sophisticated threats. Kaspersky Automated EDR delivers enterprise-level protection without adding staff.

According to CNBC, there is currently “a serious shortage of cybersecurity experts” in the market. This means small to midsized businesses are struggling to find affordable and manageable ways to protect their networks. Your customers need cybersecurity solutions that work smarter, so they don’t have to work harder.

Even if an SMB can afford to take on a cybersecurity expert, the cyber threat landscape is changing by the minute. “It’s become a lot easier for sophisticated threat actors to get their hands on much more effective, and even more sophisticated, threats,” says Rob Cataldo, managing director, North America, for Kaspersky. Those advanced threat factors make SMBs even more vulnerable to a breach. “For many midsized businesses, a major attack is a non-recoverable event,” says Ori Ammar, head of presales, North America, at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Automated EDR protects your customers’ data at the endpoint by doing the work of an entire cybersecurity team. It identifies and blocks up to 90 percent of threats, like ransomware, before they can cause a breach. “Automated EDR from Kaspersky recognizes the behavior of ransomware, blocks the activity, and then after the fact, notifies you – all happening within milliseconds and without requiring any manual input or operator knowledge to determine what this is and then take action,” says Ammar.

Kaspersky Automated EDR is built directly into the Kaspersky Endpoint Security platform, which is backed by more than 20 years of expertise. “We can protect 99.9% within our Automated EDR, which frees up budget for our partners to then help their customers solve other problems,” says Matthew Courchesne, head of SMB and Channel Sales, North America, at Kaspersky.

Arm your SMB customers with enterprise-level protection without needing to hire human experts. Plus, enjoy the benefits of the new, award-winning Kaspersky United Partner Program with training and growth opportunities designed for you.

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