WATCH: 128 Technology Discusses The Future Of Networking

“Complex.” “Misaligned.” That’s how 128 Technology CEO Andy Ory describes traditional networking.

“When you look at it, it looks like the plumbing in a submarine,” he says. “It’s so confusing you couldn’t figure out how things work.”

128 Technology is now on a mission to the fix that. Founded in 2014, the Burlington, Mass.-based company is bringing to market a software-based solution that makes routers session-oriented. That means the routers have intelligence and memory, enabling them to track incoming and outgoing traffic, ultimately improving a network’s speed, reliability and security.

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“The network can’t provide security. There is no security in networking, so there’s a firewall. The network can’t provide load balancing, which is really kind of crazy, so there are load balancers. The network can’t even route a third of its traffic from a source to a destination, so there’s tunnels,” said Ory. “So we thought, maybe we could figure out how to actually make the network do what everyone wants it to do.”

In addition to the technology benefits that come with 128’s software router and networking platform, the company comes to market with what executives describe as “disruptive economics.” The company says customers can save up to 80 percent with its solution, compared with traditional hardware-centric networking. And, partners stand to benefit, too. The product is sold through a subscription service, providing partners with a high-margin recurring revenue stream.

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“The MSPs are really important to us because more and more the way people are consuming services and applications or delivering them to customers is with outsource and partnerships with folks like MSPs,” said Ory.

Ory says 128 Technology has seen 50 percent year-over-year partner growth and expects that to continue.

For more of CRNtv’s interview, watch the video included in this article.

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