AI Week 2023

AI Week 2023

When ChatGPT launched last year and astonished the tech world with its ability to produce a wide range of convincing responses to complex text prompts, the multifaceted chatbot kicked off a new hype cycle around the possibilities of artificial intelligence like never before.

If AI wasn’t a priority within the C-suite before, it most certainly was now, prompting a new rush by companies to inject AI capabilities into their products and for tech vendors to support the fast-growing array of applications with new services and infrastructure solutions.

This new explosion in demand for AI solutions, prompted by the onset of ChatGPT and other powerful generative AI models, means new opportunities for solution providers, whether it’s reselling hardware and software or creating businesses around an assortment of services.

For 2023’s Artificial Intelligence Week, CRN is diving deep into various topics around the AI opportunity for solution providers. This includes a cover story from CRN magazine focused on several solution providers who have spent the past several years building AI practices. CRN will also look at hot generative AI products entering the market, how vendors are helping partners build AI businesses and notable machine learning and data science tools the channel should know about.

The 10 Hottest Data Science And Machine Learning Tools Of 2023 (So Far)
Data science and machine learning technologies are in big demand as businesses look for ways to analyze big data and automate data-focused processes. Here are 10 startups with leading-edge data science and machine learning technology that have caught our attention (so far) this year.

How 16 Vendors Are Helping Partners Build AI Businesses
Who in the channel is helping partners build AI businesses? CRN looks at 16 established and emerging vendors that are providing the building blocks needed to build AI applications along with a wealth of partner resources to set up solution providers for success when working with customers.

10 Hottest AI Software Companies In 2023 (So Far)
Ox, EliseAI and Landing AI are just some of the companies to make CRN’s list of the 10 hottest AI software companies in 2023, so far.

10 Innovating Generative AI Tools To Check Out In 2023
From OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard to Anthropic Claude and Jasper Campaigns, CRN breaks down ten of the most innovating generative AI tools in the market today.

The ChatGPT-Fueled AI Gold Rush: How Solution Providers Are Cashing In
Some forward-thinking solution providers have spent years building artificial intelligence practices, and today their bets are paying off as businesses rush to figure out how to take advantage of generative AI.