The 10 Hottest Big Data Startups of 2022

Businesses are looking to next-generation database systems, data transformation and integration tools and big data analytics software to help them leverage exploding volumes of data. Here’s a look at 10 hot big data startups developing leading-edge software and services that help solution providers and customers meet their big data challenges.

Startups Offer Next-Generation Tools For Big Data Management And Analytics

Businesses and organizations continue to be overwhelmed with big data, struggling to effectively manage data that’s growing in volume, expanding in variety and accelerating in speed—never mind efforts to organize and analyze all of it to gain valuable insight that can lead to competitive advantages.

This year businesses and organizations have sought to leverage data and data analytics to obtain the visibility that will help them navigate rapidly changing business conditions.

Here’s a look at 10 big data technology startups with ground-breaking technologies that caught our attention in 2022. The list includes companies providing leading-edge software and services for database management, data transformation, data quality, data integration and data analytics.










*Voltron Data

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CEO: Elliot Shmukler

Headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.

Anomalo develops a next-generation data quality management platform designed to help businesses and organizations catch potential data quality issues before they create problems in operational processes, data analysis tasks or business models.

The Anomalo platform monitors enterprise data, automatically detects data issues and determines their root causes. That allows data management teams to resolve data quality issues before data is put into production. The platform makes use of machine learning to rapidly assess a wide range of data sets with minimal human input.

Anomalo was founded in 2018 by CEO Elliot Shmukler and CTO Jeremy Stanley, who worked together on data quality at Instacart. Anomalo formally launched in October 2021 with $33 million in financing from a Series A funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners. In October of this year the startup said it has seen strong customer and revenue growth in the previous 12 months.


CEO: Adrian Mitchell

Headquarters: Bristol, U.K.

Brijj, founded in 2021, develops a cloud-based data project collaboration and workflow management system used by data management and data analytics teams.

Within many organizations, data projects today are managed using a combination of email, spreadsheets, everyday collaboration tools like Slack and Teams, traditional project management software and even specialized tools for managing software development projects.

The Brijj platform is specifically designed for data professionals, data teams and data consumers. It systemizes and automates all phases of data projects from the initial data question or task to project outcome and results delivery, according to the company.


CEO: Dan DeMers

Headquarters: Toronto

Cinchy develops “dataware” technology that provides visibility into organizational data within enterprise applications and connects it in what the company describes as a “universal data network” that addresses the root cause of data fragmentation and data silos.

The Cinchy technology eliminates the need to manage and maintain data for every application and automates consistent data controls across all applications, according to the company. It gives users direct authorized access to view and update data and enables data sharing across applications without point-to-point integration or data copying.

Founded in 2017, Cinchy raised $14.5 million in a Series B funding round in October.


CEO: Armon Petrossian

Headquarters: San Francisco

Coalesce develops a next-generation data transformation automation platform that is built for large-scale data transformation workloads.

Data transformation tasks are often a bottleneck for data analytics and other data-intensive tasks. The Coalesce platform is designed to support huge data warehouses, such as those running on the Snowflake Data Cloud, with its automated data transformation capabilities, flexible code and intuitive user interface.

Founded in 2020, Coalesce exited stealth in January of this year with $5.92 million in seed funding, followed in September by a $26 million Series A funding round led by Emergence Capital.


CEO: Yury Selivanov

Headquarters: San Francisco

EdgeDB has developed an open-source, graph-relational database with the goal of redefining legacy relational database software. CEO Selivanov notes that the core technology in the relational databases in wide use today was invented back in the 1970s.

Rather than tables and relational data models, the EdgeDB database incorporates graph database technology that uses nodes and relationships to manage data, better representing relationships between the data. The company also developed a new query language that works with its database. EdgeDB’s target audience is developers who build applications that run on the database.

EdgeDB was founded in 2019 and debuted the 1.0 release of its database product in February of this year, followed by EdgeDB 2.0 in July. Just this month the company raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Nava Ventures and Accel.


CEO: Khawaja Shams

Headquarters: Seattle

Momento just emerged from stealth this month with its Momento Serverless Cache that optimizes and accelerates any database running on Amazon Web Services or the Google Cloud Platform.

A cache accelerates response database response time by delivering commonly or frequently used data faster. But Momento’s founders argue that today’s caching technology wasn’t designed for today’s modern cloud stack. The highly available Momento cache technology can serve millions of transactions per second, according to the startup, and operates as a back-end-as-a-service platform, meaning there is no infrastructure to manage.

Momento was co-founded by CEO Shams and CTO Daniela Miao, who previously worked at Amazon Web Services and were the engineering leadership behind AWS DynamoDB, Amazon’s proprietary NoSQL database service. The company has received $15 million in seed funding led by Bain Capital Ventures.


CEO: Nikita Shamgunov

Headquarters: San Francisco

Neon provides a fully managed, serverless, cloud-native database service based on the open-source Postgres database.

The startup targets the database service toward Postgres application developers: The Neon architecture separates storage and compute to provide features that the company said improve the developer experience and cut costs.

Neon was founded in March 2021 by self-described “Postgres hackers” Heikki Linnakangas and Stas Kelvich. In July of this year the company raised $30 million in a Series A-1 funding round led by GGV Capital, bringing its total financing to $54.3 million.


CEO: Andy Pavlo

Headquarters: Pittsburgh

OtterTune offers a database tuning, optimization and configuration service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate database maintenance and administration tasks that today are generally performed manually.

The startup’s service works by collecting data about a database’s underlying hardware, configuration and operational metrics and uses machine learning to optimize more than 100 configuration settings and improve database performance. Currently the service works with the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and more recently expanded its support to include the Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS databases.

OtterTune was founded in 2020 by database management and machine learning researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and its technology based on their work there. In May OtterTune raised $12 million in a Series A funding round led by Intel Capital and Race Capital.


CEO: Kishore Gopalakrishna

Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.

StarTree develops a cloud-based, real-time data analytics platform based on Apache Pinot, an open-source, real-time distributed OLAP datastore.

The StarTree technology collects data from SQL databases and batch and streaming data sources and performs real-time analysis for a range of tasks including personalization, user-facing analytics, ad hoc analysis, business metrics and anomaly detection.

StarTree was founded in 2018 by the original creators of Apache Pinot and officially launched in early 2021. In August the startup raised $47 million in a Series B funding round led by GGV Capital.

Voltron Data

CEO: Josh Patterson

Headquarters: San Francisco

Voltron Data provides technologies and support services around Apache Arrow, the open-source, language-independent framework for developing data analytics applications that process flat and hierarchical data in the columnar memory format.

Apache Arrow, which as of earlier this year was being installed at a rate of 51 million times per month, is particularly focused on processing and analyzing data generated by large-scale applications and Internet of Things networks.

Voltron Data, founded in 2021, launched in February of this year with an $88 million Series A funding round led by Walden Catalyst. That, including an earlier $22 million seed funding round, brought the startup’s total funding to $110 million. The company’s first commercial offering was an enterprise subscription unveiled in March.