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40 Tech Deals That Had Big Channel Impact

CRN Staff

CRN reviews 40 of the biggest tech deals that affected the channel: from Novell’s Wordperfect buy to Broadcom’s impending VMware acquisition.

CSC Merges With HPE Enterprise Services To Form DXC

Early 2017 saw the birth of a startup solution provider, one with over 5,000 clients and annual sales of about $26 billion. That startup, DXC Technology, was born from the merger of Computer Sciences Corp., a nationwide solution provider, with Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ services business, which HPE spun off to form the merger. The merger was first unveiled in May of 2016.

Post-merger, DXC has weathered several issues. Annual revenue for the company in fiscal 2020 was $19.6 billion, but fell to $17.7 billion in fiscal 2021 and $16.3 billion in fiscal 2022. DSC is currently looking to grow in part by shedding non-strategic businesses with about $500 million in annual revenue as a way to focus on growth areas, and for the foreseeable future expects it will not do any acquisitions.


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