ClearScale: AWS Providing ‘Great Leads’ In Generative AI As GenAI AppLink Launches

ClearScale launched a new generative AI solution, GenAI AppLink, as the AWS partner receives customer leads around AI from Amazon.


ClearScale is striving to be one of Amazon Web Services top generative AI partners with the launch of its new GenAI AppLink solution that unlocks the untapped potential of large language models for customers seeking AI-powered business outcomes.

One thing that’s crystal clear to ClearScale is that AWS is laser-focused on driving generative AI services and new customer wins via channel partners.

“We are getting a healthy mix of great leads from AWS coming in saying, ‘Hey, we have a customer who wants to incorporate generative AI. They don’t really know where to start. Can you help them?’” Anthony Loss (pictured), ClearScale’s lead solutions architect, tells CRN. “We’re a GenAI partner who has a clear strategy. So we’re doing that for AWS.”

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As generative AI is the talk of “pretty much every conversation today,” Loss said customers are looking at AWS to achieve their desired GenAI-powered business outcome. “Rather than taking that and trying to figure it out themselves, Amazon gives those to their partners,” he said.

“So it’s a joint effort between AWS introducing the customer to a partner like ClearScale, then the partner having to take the responsibility of delivering on what AWS is promising regarding a satisfied business outcome for customers,” he said. “So we jointly share the customer.”

What ClearScale’s New GenAI AppLink Can Do

Simply put, ClearScale’s new GenAI AppLink brokers the introduction between an application and a large language model (LLM) that AWS offers. It is a jumpstart for customers to begin using LLMs in their workflow with ease.

Built on native AWS technologies, GenAI AppLink integrates a generative AI workflow into an AWS environment, serving as a critical link between enterprise applications and LLMs. The solution aims to eliminate the challenges of implementing and managing generative AI.

ClearScale’s AppLink manages all the technical details—from AWS infrastructure setup to the provision of computational environments and software libraries. With guidance in API selection and comprehensive documentation, the solution looks to minimize the complexities of AI adoption.

“It shows how you could use GenAI and what that means for your business. And it shows C-level employees what it may look like if we have a GenAI application that’s integrated with their own application,” Loss said. “Essentially, what it does is it builds out a front-end for folks to be able to prototype real questions, requests, answers, et cetera, as it relates to their business to show that value [of GenAI].”

ClearScale is a San Francisco-based AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 11 AWS Competencies, including Machine Learning.

AWS Building The ‘Ultimate Tool’ Chest For GenAI Via Partners, Third-Party Providers

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky has said his $85 billion cloud giant is building the “ultimate tool chest” for generative AI by building an end-to-end portfolio of homegrown hardware and software as well as partnering with third-party AI providers.

“We continue to build the ultimate tool chest to help customers scale generative AI. And at the heart of it is flexibility and choice, with enterprise-grade security,” said Selipsky.

Although AWS has its own AI foundation models with Titan, the company has also formed multiple partnerships with the likes of generative AI providers such as Cohere, Stability AI and Anthropic. Just this week, AWS committed to investing up to a whopping $4 billion in Anthropic with huge AI innovation plans ahead.

ClearScale’s Loss said AWS’ efforts around providing third-party AI offers in its ecosystem is “noble and advantageous” for what they’re trying to accomplish.

“They want to introduce other use cases and other large language models provided by these third parties in order to service their customers’ best, because large language models are very complex and are geared towards different business outcomes, depending on what you want out of the large language model,” said Loss.

The strategy is a big win for ClearScale and AWS partners. “So now we don’t have to go direct with these third-party AI companies like Anthropic,” said Loss. “That’s what Amazon has really done for the Partner Network is made the solutions—even if they are using other third parties—really simple because they’ve gone out and did the legwork to establish these partnerships to be able to service this through the Amazon console.”

Overall, Loss is excited about the massive services and customer stickiness that generative AI is bringing to ClearScale.

“Everybody is talking about generative AI,” he said. “With GenAI AppLink, we’re handling the technical complexities of it, which customers love.”