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Google Cloud ‘Secret Sauce’ Has Partners ‘Flocking To Us’: Channel Chief

Mark Haranas

Google Cloud’s global channel leader Kevin Ichhpurani takes a deep dive with CRN about the cloud giant’s “transformation cloud” strategy, spearheaded by partners, to win more cloud market share.

Can you double click on where the cloud puck is going?

Two years ago, a lot of customers were just moving VMs to the cloud to lower their costs. There’s plenty of that that still exists.

But more and more customers are leveraging data and analytics and AI to actually rethink a business process or rethink their business model entirely. That is where the puck is going in the cloud and that is how customers are spending.

If you look at what customers are doing today, they’re using analytics and AI to change their business process or invent a new business model.

They’re not just moving VMs to the cloud, but they’re modernizing those applications to support a new business process.

Data and AI and app modernization are where the puck is going—and it’s the sweet spots of Google Cloud. So we’re quite excited about that.

How is this Google Cloud’s ‘sweet spot’?

We have a $250 billion business of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible.

We’re taking that platform and delivering it to customers so they can personalize offerings to their own customers.

We have eight businesses with over a billion users. So we’re helping customers do the same, digitally transform their business.

Why is data exploding? Because it’s so cheap to store stuff now. So people are saving everything. Now you can actually apply our technology at cloud scale and find a needle in a haystack using analytics and AI. That’s the big play. 


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Mark Haranas

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