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Google Cloud ‘Secret Sauce’ Has Partners ‘Flocking To Us’: Channel Chief

Mark Haranas

Google Cloud’s global channel leader Kevin Ichhpurani takes a deep dive with CRN about the cloud giant’s “transformation cloud” strategy, spearheaded by partners, to win more cloud market share.

What are the big partner opportunities around Mandiant?

Mandiant has the best capability in the world for incident response. So, for example, there’s been a breach— Mandiant gets a call to immediately stabilize the situation.

From there, there’s a whole different set of services and technology opportunities that happen afterwards.

Mandiant has a threat detection repository which we’re going to deliver more and more technology offerings from that because it’s fundamentally a platform to customers.

But what customers then want is, ‘Can you help me with looking at my security posture? What do I need to do operationally better?’ We see that as a huge opportunity for Mandiant to work with partners to deliver those services.

We also see that the customer then says, ‘Well, what technologies do I need? Do I need a better technology for endpoint security?’ That’s a big opportunity for our technology partners.

Then together with partners, there’ll be a big opportunity for partners to help augment us to do things like security assessments for customers looking at their operational postures.

Also what leave-behind technologies are necessary. For example, you may need to really upgrade your endpoint security. If you’re an endpoint security partner of ours, that’s a great opportunity now for Google to bring you business.

The last thing is that there’s a set of customers that wants to completely outsource their entire security operations center. Like their entire SOC. They want to outsource their security. So that’s a big opportunity for partners to work with us as well.

We think this is going to be a huge lead-generation opportunity for the partner community.


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